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-== Overview
-This manual should help you getting started with OsmoHLR. It will cover
-aspects of configuring and running the OsmoHLR.
-=== About OsmoHLR
-OsmoHLR is Osmocom's minimal implementation of a Home Location Register (HLR)
-for 2G and 3G GSM and UMTS mobile core networks. Its interfaces are:
-- GSUP, serving towards OsmoMSC and OsmoSGSN;
-- A local SQLite database;
-- The Osmocom typical telnet VTY and CTRL interfaces.
-Originally, the OpenBSC project's OsmoNITB all-in-one implementation had an
-integrated HLR, managing subscribers and SMS in the same local database. Along
-with the separate OsmoMSC and its new VLR component, OsmoHLR was implemented
-from scratch to alleviate various shortcomings of the internal HLR:
-- The separate HLR allows using centralized subscriber management for both
- circuit-switched and packet-switched domains (i.e. one OsmoHLR for both
- OsmoMSC and OsmoSGSN).
-- VLR and HLR brought full UMTS AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement) support,
- i.e. Milenage authentication in both the full 3G variant as well as the
- backwards compatible 2G variant.
-- In contrast to the OsmoNITB, the specific way the new OsmoMSC's VLR accesses
- OsmoHLR brings fully asynchronous subscriber database access.
-Find the OsmoHLR issue tracker and wiki online at
-.Typical GSM network architecture used with OsmoHLR
-digraph G {
- rankdir=LR;
- subgraph cluster_hlr {
- label = "OsmoHLR";
- GSUP [label="GSUP server"]
- DB [label="SQLite DB"]
- DB->CTRL [dir="back"]
- DB->VTY [dir="back"]
- }
- Admin [label="Admin and\nMaintenance"]
- SW [label="3rd party software\nintegration"]
- VTY->Admin [dir="back"]
- CTRL->SW [dir="back"]
- MSC [label="MSC/VLR"]
- MSC->GSUP [label="GSUP"]
- SGSN->GSUP [label="GSUP"]