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11 dayslint: osmo-pcu: exclude imported wireshark codeHEADmasterOliver Smith1-0/+5
Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I70814512bdba50363edd4195b5b073698ea6532c
11 dayslint: support project-specific exclude pathsOliver Smith1-11/+23
While at it, put in the exact path to spelling.txt in osmo-ci.git. Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: Ib23f9c65da1916ebf4654c5e641eaffe6c75315c
2021-09-16build-old-tags: mark osmo-msc 1.7.0 as known errorOliver Smith1-0/+1
Old osmo-msc releases failed to build because logging output of libosmo-mgcp-client has changed. I'm backporting the fix as 1.7.1 and 1.6.4. The script builds the last 3 releases (1.6.4, 1.7.0, 1.7.1), so mark 1.7.0 as known error. Related: osmo-msc Id197e4ab9ba12e284299ef520edee9c362513bf1 Change-Id: I86f8252d450165f4be3d7c97fa70235638f7dd96
2021-09-15lint: ignore debian/changelogOliver Smith1-0/+2
Auto-generated from commit log, may contain spelling errors. Fixes: OS#5232 Change-Id: Id0ccfbff73464dac7f7f939c88a9e2677fa2a37f
2021-09-15lint: add STRCPY_OSMOOliver Smith1-0/+7
Add Osmocom specific check to forbid using strncpy() and strcpy(). Instead, osmo_strlcpy() or OSMO_STRLCPY_ARRAY() should be used. Related: OS#5087 Related: Change-Id: I6fa96c8f3d15110dd3d3509faa593285a78f469e
2021-09-13lint: ignore UNSPECIFIED_INTOliver Smith1-0/+2
As suggested by Pau, let's remove this check because it isn't useful for us. Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I15345a154f490362093e46fc0df75e75bbb237fe
2021-09-13lint: ignore UNNECESSARY_INTOliver Smith1-0/+2
Related: Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I5be890a296b37511affc17cb786f0709de822826
2021-09-08jobs/ttcn3-testsuites.yml: add ns-test-sgsn-snsOliver Smith1-0/+3
Depends: docker-playground I1a9205885d381c04141dad752de0b39d9268ab69 Change-Id: Ifb08fafa408b8c622998080b4ec2932b0c3fd3bb
2021-09-06jobs/gerrit-lint.yml: add lint jobsOliver Smith2-1/+148
Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: Ic473a5c535dfbdda55751e53fc751ede1adde7e2
2021-09-03lint: ignore LONG_LINE_*Oliver Smith1-1/+3
According to a comment in, these should automatically be ignored when LONG_LINE is ignored. However I found that it's still complaining about LONG_LINE_COMMENT, so explicitly disable it. Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I7aed3bfbfcb0b9e2f1d743b111e8418846f031d2
2021-09-01OBS: remove {osmo-gsm-manuals,osmo-trx}-debian8Oliver Smith2-6/+0
Drop these workarounds, as we are not building binary packages for debian 8 anymore. Related: OS#5223 Change-Id: Ibe7ba124557969df62798ba49c4489e9606c2341
2021-08-16lint: ignore EMBEDDED_FILENAMEOliver Smith1-0/+2
Mentioning the file in itself is useful sometimes (e.g. when explaining how to use a contrib script). So do not let the linter fail here. Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I151b97bc7f2fe83898c0598db54360807956993c
2021-08-09repo-install-test: osmo-pcap-server: !latestOliver Smith1-2/+2
Disable osmo-pcap-server for latest again, as the port is still conflicting there with osmo-bts. Fixes: 7ca9c4 ("repo-install-test: clear SERVICES_NIGHTLY list") Related: OS#5203 Change-Id: I711e0e13c3e3af30407b85fd10aca9446f2b94ba
2021-08-05repo-install-test: clear SERVICES_NIGHTLY listOliver Smith1-10/+6
All services that start up in nightly should also start in the latest release now, as new versions have been released of related programs. Change-Id: Idc94270978ec5ca67d6f7e20e009f905e972f984
2021-07-30lint: ignore LONG_LINEOliver Smith1-0/+2
With recent code reviews I've realized that in Osmocom we do often use more than 120 characters per line for various reasons. So adjust the linter to not fail anymore if that is the case. Related: Related: Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I88fd86ac550fddb3017aeceb647c3d9e75367372
2021-07-19lint: exclude kdf, milenage for libosmocoreOliver Smith1-0/+4
Imported code that doesn't follow our guidelines (e.g. spaces used instead of tabs). Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: Iccf59d66f35ede9710258faf9d4257584214bb17
2021-07-19lint: no spaces required for tdefOliver Smith1-0/+27
Don't require spaces around equals sign for tdef entries. Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I1f0b9ed5bd49ef9b5ab0e347b9260e71df34ff9c
2021-07-15lint: complain about %i in printfOliver Smith1-0/+6
Pau has to remind me often that %d is used instead of %i in Osmocom trees, so let's automate it. Complain like this: src/vty/command.c:3052: WARNING:PRINTF_I_OSMO: Use %d instead of %i Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I1a98326f1cbf4d2e0bb948558e5cd1726b0a9868
2021-07-15lint: ignore PREFER_DEFINED_ATTRIBUTE_MACROOliver Smith1-0/+2
Don't complain that macros such as __packed should be used, which are defined in the Linux kernel but not in libosmocore. For example: src/gsm/gsm0808.c:85: WARNING:PREFER_DEFINED_ATTRIBUTE_MACRO: Prefer __packed over __attribute__((packed)) Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I2bf3b7d60e99cf91f7b619af54167a11cdfae8c6
2021-07-15lint: ignore DEEP_INDENTATIONOliver Smith1-0/+2
Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: Iff29f0a97dbfed904705f543541441f761370602
2021-07-15lint: ignore PREFER_FALLTHROUGHOliver Smith1-0/+2
Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I373a231cf08fd23312ad9a85d8e2855a736e331a
2021-07-15lint: allow spaces below (g)DEFUNOliver Smith1-1/+3
Do not complain if indenting with exactly 6/7 spaces below (g)DEFUN(, as it's often done in VTY-related code in Osmocom. This patch assumes that if the line starts with 6/7 spaces and " or a word, it's probably below DEFUN( or gDEFUN(. I've considered implementing a more accurate check, but that would be too much effort (e.g. when more macros are involved). Other related macros, such as DEFUN_ATTR are longer. Indentation below those should be done with one tab (+ spaces for padding), the linter doesn't need to be adjusted for those. Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I0934b63a62500e7a3e09c753cc63aa331e580cc6
2021-07-07lint: fix && complaintsOliver Smith1-1/+1
Don't complain with: ERROR:SPACING: space prohibited after that '&&' (ctx:ExW) in code similar to: if (conn->conn->mode != MGCP_CONN_LOOPBACK && conn->conn->mode != MGCP_CONN_RECV_ONLY && !mgcp_rtp_end_remote_addr_available(&conn->end)) { The check was supposed to complain about spaces if the && is used as unary operator (to get the address of a goto label). But it's clearly producing false positives in the Osmocom context with use as non-unary operator, so remove this check. Related: OS#5087 Related: Change-Id: I7ce79e6b291b3a3dab6587a589eeef0a0bc53de9
2021-07-07lint: ignore LINE_CONTINUATIONSOliver Smith1-0/+2
Causes false positives, e.g. in tests/mgcp/mgcp_test.c in osmo-mgw: #define MDCX4_PT2 \ "MDCX 18983218 1@mgw MGCP 1.0\r\n" \ "M: sendrecv\r" \ "C: 2\r\n" \ "I: %s\r\n" \ "L: p:20-20, a:AMR, nt:IN\r\n" \ ... tests/mgcp/mgcp_test.c:189: WARNING:LINE_CONTINUATIONS: Avoid unnecessary line continuations Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I8d8004f2a8ef926588487187af7cdef8254c7248
2021-07-07lint: ignore COMPLEX_MACROOliver Smith1-0/+2
Complains about, for example: #define MDCX4 \ "MDCX 18983217 1@mgw MGCP 1.0\r\n" \ "M: sendrecv\r" \ "C: 2\r\n" \ "I: %s\r\n" \ "L: p:20, a:AMR, nt:IN\r\n" \ "\n" \ "v=0\r\n" \ "o=- %s 23 IN IP4\r\n" \ "c=IN IP4\r\n" \ "t=0 0\r\n" \ "m=audio 4441 RTP/AVP 99\r\n" \ "a=rtpmap:99 AMR/8000\r\n" \ "a=ptime:40\r\n" Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: Ic9d752ca841161a62e3631c84b4237a0d8594363
2021-07-07lint: exclude *.ok, *.errOliver Smith1-0/+2
Complains about e.g. \r\n in *.ok files. Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I79004cec3e2eb753951a7f886318ac0db4ea2c06
2021-07-07lint: exclude pattern, not dirOliver Smith2-4/+4
Allow to exclude files in a follow-up commit, not just directories. Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: Ic3990fba60060c331c479174183924b9cdbdb4c8
2021-06-16lint: add helper scriptsOliver Smith2-0/+81
Add, which runs checkpatch on git diff to either HEAD~1 (if the tree is clean) or HEAD. This can be used as pre-commit hook, and it's what jenkins will run. Add, which runs checkpatch on a whole repository to test if the rules we are checking for make sense in Osmocom context. Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I1d02c169b05fb05b87209a444a5ddb86efc99d04
2021-06-16lint/checkpatch: add Osmocom specific wrapperOliver Smith1-0/+46
Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: I0ec6a3bc57a4d31c821fa83370f05c6d4ac2a5b0
2021-06-16lint/checkpatch: add --exclude argumentOliver Smith1-0/+13
Apply patch from, so we can exclude specific directories. Related: OS#5087 Change-Id: Ia980814895249f839873c5002f0d21c0e59ee01d
2021-06-16lint/checkpatch: import from Linux kernelOliver Smith3-0/+9105
Prepare to run checkpatch on patches submitted to gerrit to point out various linting errors automatically, such as { after functions not placed on a new line, or common spelling errors. Import version from 7e6cdd7f ("checkpatch: improve ALLOC_ARRAY_ARGS test") of linux.git. Related: OS#5087 Related: Change-Id: I58571a0409e79d88d37e8328f41a540a58cfb198
2021-06-16osmo-ci-docker-rebuild: don't build ogt for armOliver Smith1-1/+5
Don't attempt to build the osmo-gsm-tester docker container on arm. It's currently causing the update-osmo-ci-on-slaves job to fail on rpi4-raspbian10build-ansible-*. Related: Change-Id: Ic30de69d318927d5c142f8212eefa3a53037ef25
2021-06-04jobs: don't run any on admin2-deb9buildOliver Smith2-2/+0
This node was disabled permanently, so don't try to run anything on it. Change-Id: I0ea91658c74ea24fae551b917628fab5f7952c97
2021-05-26ttcn3: add ttcn3-bsc-test-vamosNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+3
Change-Id: I9c4918c4f1da28b97db6386485e115f7e091a842
2021-05-19OBS: use nightly script to build 2021q1 feedOliver Smith3-5/+14
Use the nightly script instead of latest, so all packages get upgraded when upgrading osmocom-2021q1. Related: SYS#5370 Change-Id: If8de585652997aae1edb586c948c181f564f6994
2021-05-19OBS: refactor osmo_obs_prepare_conflictOliver Smith4-26/+40
Determine the package name of the conflict package itself and all conflicting packages automatically, so we don't need to have it duplicated in the OBS latest and OBS nightly scripts. This is in preparation to move osmocom-2021q1 from latest to nightly. With the current logic in nightly for the conflict package, it would not be possible. Related: SYS#5370 Change-Id: I183b9040250e66e0d7d17ef4b95af9e7d4a26f04
2021-05-19OBS: move verify_feed to commonOliver Smith3-19/+21
Prepare to move the 2021q1 feed from latest to nightly. Related: SYS#5370 Change-Id: I91e4c36d4a04d465fc9ccb933e8060511b7cd145
2021-05-18master-builds: turn git_base_url actually in a URL, not just hostname.Harald Welte1-5/+5
Let's include the 'protocol' part itno the git_base_url variable, so it actually becomes an URL, not just a hostname-with-path-prefix. This way we can keep using git:// for osmocom and use https:// for github and sysmocom. Change-Id: I7befd1dd1445e0aa4d42434dbc8e001f904ae196
2021-05-18master-builds: Use https when linking to git repos from descriptionHarald Welte1-1/+1
Change-Id: I3a0a3d779ce456ce359e33bc1305f63271deb87e
2021-05-17OBS: conflict: allow overriding pkgverOliver Smith2-1/+2
Allow overriding OSMO_OBS_CONFLICT_PKGVER, so we can increase the version of the osmocom-2021q1 package whenever something changes on one of the 2021q1 branches. Related: SYS#5370 Change-Id: Iae45d7462aab8227ed3756e6cccfa3e64cb04211
2021-05-17some more https (+path) changes due to gitea migrationHarald Welte4-7/+7
Change-Id: Ie1599b356932ffa83d70e08b96179b7ca4909b14
2021-05-17ansible/hosts: new IPs for GTP0 slavesHarald Welte1-1/+2
the old ones were DHCP-allocated and after a power outage, they changed. I've now moved to static allocated addresses. Change-Id: I0d77cc8ae72d854312b742c6c64b10a731a9f5ba
2021-05-17layer1-headers: change to httpsHarald Welte1-1/+1
after migrating to gitea, we don't offer classic git:// anymore Change-Id: I61b3b5508031b5b1f1dd521833096a84ab7c9c0f
2021-05-04jobs/ttcn3: add TTCN3-centos-*-2021q1Oliver Smith1-0/+30
Depends: docker-playground Icf1e3f1928658ff3d82190c4176252cf3590a1f5 Related: SYS#5370 Change-Id: I2ec731d7d6d31c06b8feccbc7620128ebb034299
2021-04-29OBS: add osmocom-packages-docker.shOliver Smith1-0/+34
Add a simple helper script to run osmocom-* in docker to avoid installing dependencies on the host system. Related: SYS#5370 Depends: docker-playground Ibb55ad18d2ccf4313f52fa3e3c10d4420c84dced Change-Id: Icc89e20950c2aaa67b209340d1d797b76fce32d2
2021-04-29OBS: common: don't require wget anymoreOliver Smith1-2/+1
Not needed anymore since Iaf2527043e9acdb6acff3e481d4516ac4b75b7e7. Change-Id: I2e03487058e4c2c9426872975953fa1814b24ccd
2021-04-29OBS: latest: add commit to version for 2021q1 feedOliver Smith3-32/+38
Move get_commit_version to and call it in, if the feed is not "latest". This way, the packages don't have the latest tag as version anymore, and the version changes if commits get pushed to the feed's branch. Related: SYS#5370 Change-Id: I4a4fa3b8f66652ef36a7fe62047a88a69c473f19
2021-04-29OBS: refactor git_version_gen related logicOliver Smith3-10/+20
Move git_version_gen calls into an own function and add some of the description from I76e3713f0b01a6110091ff90e8e53aa79533c374 where this code was added. Don't call it inside get_commit_version anymore, but call it before. Don't try to cat the resulting .tarball-version there if it doesn't exist. Related: SYS#5370 Change-Id: I9a1b6ae4b4311abb77dc6390733c5e330e3d489e
2021-04-29OBS: add PACKAGES env varOliver Smith3-0/+52
Skip checking out and building source packages of all other packages, if the environment variable is set. Related: SYS#5370 Change-Id: I83c3744713fd6abda4b832460f30eb2e79ebeed8
2021-04-29OBS: latest: support new 2021q1 feedOliver Smith1-10/+54
Related: SYS#5370 Change-Id: I7a59a6ad94b21ba397349813b56b9bd5ea01c7c3