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It was recently spotted, in a osmo-msc jenkins build, that an updated dependency (new commits to be fetched) contained a new tag which was not fetched with the commit. It resulted in the Makefile generating an old .version file, which ended up generating a library version in the .pc which later in the build make the configure script fail while checking at the dependencies. As far as I could understand after reading several discussion threads, it seems git fetch doesn't necessarily fetch and store locally all new tags found in the remote, and we need to explicitly add the --tags parameter to be sure all of them are downloaded. This patch adds a new fetch line instead of patching the one already present because it seems in old versions of git the --tags parameter had a different behaviour, in which only tags and not branches are fetched. This way is ensured that we get both correct regardless of git version. Change-Id: I4bfe4846959c70e435d6792a755a6f2a6f0a932c
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+git fetch --tags origin
git fetch origin
# Cleanup should already have happened during a global,