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parentf9c1cb2777cfc2241a51749ea126dfd1f02276be (diff) make sure to not clean all deps when inside a dep dir
Make sure passes no $deps in to In most builds, $deps is a relative path, and when within a dir that contains no such subir, calling has no effect. However, in some, $deps is passed in as absolute path, so when within a deps/... subdir in, the script would still find the abspath and clean out all deps subdirs; for example in osmo-bts. Change-Id: I431d20aedefc708645a1f1862334cffaef20b928
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@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@ git fetch origin
# Cleanup should already have happened during a global,
# but in case the caller did not (want to) call that, let's also do cleanup in
-# the dep subdir separately:
+# this dep subdir separately, making sure to not pass in $deps as abspath.
git checkout -f "$branch"
git rev-parse HEAD