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coverity: build master branches, not iu branches
Rebasing the iu branches onto the master branches is currently not happening regularly, since I'm focusing on the VLR. Rather scan the master branches so that the coverity issues are caught without further rebase effort required. Comment out everything Iu related with '#IU' comment markers: - don't checkout Iu branches - don't build osmo-iuh (depends on libosmo-sccp iu branch) - don't pass --enable-iu to openbsc, don't switch branches for osmo-bts We might consider adding a separate Iu build, but then we might get the same coverity warnings twice, so not pursuing that actively now. Change-Id: I0d6640b893b8d65d321af904b80d89da5bf3ea6a
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@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ done
git clone git://
-git -C asn1c checkout aper-prefix
-git -C libosmo-netif checkout sysmocom/sctp
-git -C libosmo-sccp checkout sysmocom/iu
-git -C openbsc checkout sysmocom/iu
+#IU git -C asn1c checkout aper-prefix
+#IU git -C libosmo-netif checkout sysmocom/sctp
+#IU git -C libosmo-sccp checkout sysmocom/iu
+#IU git -C openbsc checkout sysmocom/iu