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Remove OpenBSC from Coverity submission
The OpenBSC codebase only receive occasional backports hence none of the issues uncovered by Coverity would be fixed unless it's also fixed in corresponding Osmo* project. Let's not clutter output with the information about issues which won't be fixed anyway. Change-Id: Ief3dfc641684fa33407957bf7cfcb6ecf35b847a
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diff --git a/coverity/ b/coverity/
index 05e50e4..d5ecad7 100755
--- a/coverity/
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@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ for proj in \
libosmo-netif \
libosmo-sccp \
libsmpp34 \
- openbsc \
osmo-bsc \
osmo-msc \
osmo-mgw \
@@ -40,4 +39,3 @@ git clone git://
#IU git -C asn1c checkout aper-prefix
#IU git -C libosmo-netif checkout sysmocom/sctp
#IU git -C libosmo-sccp checkout sysmocom/iu
-#IU git -C openbsc checkout sysmocom/iu