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generalize the install-poky-sdk role to support multiple sdks
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-# Install the poky sdk used to build sysmobts binaries
+# Install the poky sdk's used to build sysmobts binaries
# Poky Installation
The poky installation requires you to have the installer available.
Put the `poky_installer_file` to the root directory of this repo.
-Also the exact filename must match the variable `poky_installer_file` and the
-For the defaults of those variable have a look into `defaults/main.yml`.
+Also the exact filename must match the variable `poky_installer_file`
+ - name: install-poky-sdk
+ jenkins_user: osmocom-build
+ poky_install_file:
+ poky_dest: /opt/poky-sdk/2.3.4/
+ tags:
+ - poky