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Make development easier by skipping fetch, checkout and reset --hard if _docker_playground is a symlink. Document _docker_playground in README.adoc and explain how to set up the symlink. Change-Id: If6209ff71488d39e590f5f8506b9d73ad0314846
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scripts: used by jenkins jobs. Various osmo*/contrib/ scripts assume
osmo-ci to be checked out in the build slave user's home, i.e. using a PATH of
+_docker_playground: Clone of docker-playground.git, so the scripts can build
+required docker images. This dir gets created on demand by scripts/,
+and automatically fetched and reset to "origin/master" (override with
+$OSMO_BRANCH_DOCKER_PLAYGROUND). The fetch and reset gets skipped if
+_docker_playground is a symlink. For development, set it up as follows:
+ $ git clone
+ $ git clone
+ $ cd osmo-ci
+ $ ln -s ../docker-playground _docker_playground