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Gerrit verification jobs as Jenkins Job Builder YAML [1] file.
All jobs are in jobs/ directory and will be automatically verified and deployed in a follow-up commit. Note: osmocom-nightly-nitb-split.yml has been moved to jobs/ dir. [1] Change-Id: I04387367a6e2d737bfb50423c81a8908d3c2a89f
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@@ -6,6 +6,9 @@ This depends on these, which are not included in osmo-ci:
- a cov-analysis-linux64-8.5.0 in coverity/
(or the like, may need to adjust some scripts to match)
+jobs: Jenkins Job Builder YAML files defining jenkins jobs. Read jobs/README.adoc
+for more information about deployment.
scripts: used by jenkins jobs. Various osmo*/contrib/ scripts assume
osmo-ci to be checked out in the build slave user's home, i.e. using a PATH of