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l1sap: process_l1sap_meas_data() accepts pointer to lchanHEADmaster
In 2/3 cases when calling process_l1sap_meas_data() we already have a pointer to the logical channel, so let's pass it as the first argument instead of a pointer to the transceiver. This way we avoid calling get_active_lchan_by_chan_nr() two times. In l1sap_ph_data_ind(), call process_l1sap_meas_data() below the conditional branch handling PDCH, so it won't be called for GSM_LCHAN_PDTCH anymore. GPRS specific measurements are handled by the PCU and not of interest for the BSC. Change-Id: I9de67a0b2d2b18923f2c2003b400387a0f1af411
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