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bts_trx.c: Dispatch missing NM_EV_RSL_UP/DOWN to the bb_transc object
Previous commit 7810a917331b33b6cfab5259b5fb2df73b27b230 forgot to introduce this line, though it was planned to be there. Most of the time it worked fine anyway because the RSL link is not the last event bb_transc waits for before switching to Enabled, so later events would trigger inside the bb_transc fsm a recheck (polling) which wuld allow to advance to Enabled state. However, in the situation where RSL link UP is the last event to happen, no more inside-FSM checks are triggered and hence BB Transeiver never goes to Enabled state, and as a result no event is triggered towards each RadioChannel which in turn don't go to Enabled state. Fixes: 7810a917331b33b6cfab5259b5fb2df73b27b230 Change-Id: I8c777b946e7abcb4b607ec4d136c981a0716b120
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