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2018-03-05ctx cleanups WIPneels/deb9-asanNeels Hofmeyr6-8/+21
Change-Id: I970c6f8a0e36a8b63e42349dbc92baff649e5cef
2018-03-05cosmetic: bsc_network_init(): imply default 001-01 PLMNNeels Hofmeyr5-5/+5
All callers pass mcc=1, mnc=1, so just have it as default. (Prepare for net->country_code etc to be replaced by net->plmn) Change-Id: Ic16bc0bab3f2d4721e86a1a04f9d9f988d777df2
2018-03-05gsm48_ra_id_by_bts(): struct gsm48_ra_id* instead of bufNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
Move from using deprecated gsm48_construct_ra(), which uses a buf, to gsm48_encode_ra(), which uses a gsm48_ra_id argument. Pass struct gsm48_ra_id around instead of a buf. struct gsm48_ra_id is the "encoded" representation of the bytes in a typical MCC-MNC-LAC-RAC (04.08 Routing Area Id IE, 3GPP TS 24.008 § Using the struct spares using magic numbers for byte offsets. In the process, fix a sanitizer warning for unaligned access by using memcpy() instead of pointer assignment: osmo-bsc/src/libbsc/abis_nm.c:2857:27: runtime error: store to misaligned address 0x7ffe8e0d6695 for type 'uint16_t', which requires 2 byte alignment Note that (besides removing a now unnecessary cast) the gsm0408_test and abis_test tests of RAI / CGI encoding remain stable, which indicates that the new code is still correct. Change-Id: I0d3908fb8ca1e2e669d257b5d59b40675fa85d06
2018-03-05ctrl_test_runner: add tests for 3-digit MNCNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+38
Expand MCC-MNC test cases: show that the CTRL interface currently does not preserve the third digit of the MNC if it is zero. These will be fixed by I8e722103344186fde118b26d8353db95a4581daa Change-Id: I5b097dbb6329f284e3b4914a744d5c3ad628f715
2018-03-05add test for abis_nm_ipaccess_cgi()Neels Hofmeyr2-0/+94
Change-Id: I90fefd5073ee07fc975a810859a32142b8b27904
2018-03-05add test for gsm48_ra_id_by_bts()Neels Hofmeyr2-0/+121
Change-Id: I7bd55126848ed2c246d64cf672e1e6772da64be7
2018-02-27osmo-bts/nanobts: Set RACH_Busy Threshold to -90 dBmHarald Welte2-3/+3
In the past we used to set this to "-10 dBm" which means that basically no RACH ever passed that treshold and in the associated CCCH LOAD IND the number of busy slots was always zero. Let's set the default to -90dBm. The user can of course always configure a different value in the VTY. This means that now any RACH slot signal level >= 90 dBm counts as "busy" in those CCCH LOAD IND (RACH). Change-Id: Ib9cbb786d19acc74f0951930b0dc9284854c6000 Closes: OS#3004 Related: OS#3003
2018-02-21HO: fix minor issues found by coverityNeels Hofmeyr1-13/+13
handover_decision_2: - lchan->conn should never be NULL, but if it is, don't crash in LOGPHO* macros. - make certain to avoid modulo-zero. It's cosmetic since that config item is not allowed to be zero. handover_test: - check return value of gsm_generate_si(). - safer evaluation of main()'s argv. Fixes: CID#182929, CID#182928, CID#182927, CID#182926 Change-Id: I68e8ed3a1e8659edb47ac3e8a10508f17a3f5670
2018-02-20fix handover_test link errorStefan Sperling1-1/+1
Fix undefined references during link stage when building handover_test. The archive libbsc.a needs to be listed before the various .so files. Change-Id: Ie7e1d4815d72b8e0bbc6ccd68078a78de19d73b0
2018-02-19HO: vty: clearly mark 'handover foo' as legacy alias for 'handover1 foo'Neels Hofmeyr1-1/+0
The ALIAS_DEPRECATED causes the legacy commands to no longer show up in the command listing, hence making it more clear which commands are general and which are for hodec1 only: == BEFORE: == OsmoBSC(config-net)# list ... handover (0|1|default) handover algorithm (1|2|default) handover1 window rxlev averaging (<1-10>|default) ... handover2 window rxlev averaging (<1-10>|default) ... handover2 retries (<0-9>|default) handover window rxlev averaging (<1-10>|default) <-- legacy handover window rxqual averaging (<1-10>|default) handover window rxlev neighbor averaging (<1-10>|default) handover power budget interval (<1-99>|default) handover power budget hysteresis (<0-999>|default) handover maximum distance (<0-9999>|default) handover2 congestion-check (disabled|<1-999>|now) OsmoBSC(config-net)# handover ? 0 Disable in-call handover 1 Enable in-call handover default Enable/disable handover: Use default (0), remove explicit setting on this node algorithm Choose algorithm for handover decision window Measurement averaging settings <-- legacy power Neighbor cell power triggering maximum Maximum Timing-Advance value (i.e. MS distance) before triggering HO OsmoBSC(config-net)# handover? handover Handover general config <-- unchanged == AFTER: == OsmoBSC(config-net)# list ... handover (0|1|default) handover algorithm (1|2|default) handover1 window rxlev averaging (<1-10>|default) ... handover2 window rxlev averaging (<1-10>|default) ... handover2 retries (<0-9>|default) handover2 congestion-check (disabled|<1-999>|now) <-- no more legacy OsmoBSC(config-net)# handover ? 0 Disable in-call handover 1 Enable in-call handover default Enable/disable handover: Use default (0), remove explicit setting on this node algorithm Choose algorithm for handover decision <-- no more legacy OsmoBSC(config-net)# handover? handover Handover general config <-- unchanged The "Legacy" doc string actually never shows on the VTY console, but it will show in the reference manual. (Even with ALIAS(), a 'handover?' would only show the "Handover general config" doc string, so no loss there from using ALIAS_DEPRECATED().) Change-Id: I86be674d82242f9ca73a4d0040015c1c79f2422d
2018-02-19HO: vty: rename ho decision 1 vty to 'handover1' with 'handover' aliasNeels Hofmeyr1-44/+57
Handover decision 2 arguments are now configured by 'handover2 foo'. To match that scheme, rename the previously 'handover foo' args for handover decision 1 to 'handover1 foo'. For backwards compatibility, still provide aliases of the original VTY commands. Writing back the config will result in 'handover1' though. Change-Id: I7305ae7c04cc70082cd80d42b2ba32ffa399f51a
2018-02-19HO: Implement load based handover, as handover_decision_2.cNeels Hofmeyr6-1/+1834
Change-Id: Ie597eae82722baf32546331e443dd9d94f1f25e6
2018-02-19HO: cfg: separate hodec1 from hodec2 parametersNeels Hofmeyr1-67/+186
Do not share config items between the current handover decision and the upcoming handover_decision_2. Rename current handover config items to hodec2_* and duplicate the ones relevant to handover decision algorithm 1 with name prefix of hodec1_*. I considered moving hodec2 parameters to an entirely separate .c file and struct, but that causes considerable code bloat. Rather use the nice handover_cfg net/bts level mechanism as-is, and simply prefix the names. In the VTY, the hodec1 parameters are configurable by 'handover foo 23' commands, while the hodec2 parameters are by 'handover2 foo 23'. The generic VTY commands to enable/disable handover and to choose the algorithm are still 'handover (0|1)' and 'handover algorithm (1|2)'. (Note, a subsequent commit will rename the 'handover foo' for hodec1 to 'handover1 foo' and add backwards-compat aliases.) For example, the 'window rxlev averaging 5' command now exists both for handover decision 1 and handover decision 2, and its values are independent. This is valid config: network # set up handover decision algorithm 1 # (pending rename of these items to 'handover1 ...') handover window rxlev averaging 5 handover window rxlev neighbor averaging 5 # set up handover decision algorithm 2 handover2 window rxlev averaging 7 handover2 window rxlev neighbor averaging 7 handover2 penalty-time max-distance 10 # enable handover handover 1 bts 0 handover algorithm 1 bts 1 handover algorithm 2 In this example, bts 0 uses algo 1 with rxlev averaging of 5, while bts 1 uses algorithm 2 where rxlev averaging of 7 is in effect. Change-Id: I6475b2543b18d21710a6d774b214cb484f36ec8e
2018-02-19logging: Remove obsolete log categoriesHarald Welte1-1/+1
About half of our log categories/subsystems were inherited from OsmoNITB, and are no longer used but may confuse the user. Change-Id: I8b39429f71c0faefdf8158a82093cfb19f44809e
2018-02-19Structural reform: Get rid of osmo_bsc_sccp_conHarald Welte2-11/+9
There was always a 1:1 correspondence between gsm_subscriber_connection and osmo_bsc_sccp_con, so there's really no point in having two separate dynamically allocated data structures with pointers back and forth and another linked list around. Let's merge osmo_bsc_sccp_con into gsm_subscriber_connection for simplicity. The resulting code might not be elegant in places, but I've tried to do only the most simple changes in this patch, while further simplifications can be done in later subsequent patches. As a side-effect, this patch also fixes lchan clearing if the MSC (or the local SCCP provider) hard-disconnects the SCCP connection. Change-Id: Idd2b733477ee90d24dec369755a00f1c39c93f39
2018-02-14drop libcommon-cs completelyNeels Hofmeyr8-8/+0
Change-Id: I07d4a48af3154ee4d904686f230a51b8b8a94ff9
2018-02-14drop libcommon completely, move remaining files to libbscNeels Hofmeyr9-9/+0
Move gsm_data.c and handover_cfg.c to libbsc, where they belong. This leaves libcommon utterly empty, drop it. Change-Id: I6178061fa30c7e1a4c22c29d3c8f508b1033569f
2018-02-14libcommon: join gsm_data_shared.* into gsm_data.*Neels Hofmeyr2-2/+0
The separation of gsm_data_shared.* from gsm_data.* historically allowed compiling parts of it into osmo-bts, which we have dropped since (osmo-bts has its own copy now). Even though gsm_data.* now becomes rather large by it, remove the legacy separation to get rid of the "shared" naming, which is no longer meaningful. A future patch might separate into meaningful smaller bits, if we get the time. Change-Id: Ie247bc492efb331871d970c56700595ad3f7e201
2018-02-14libcommon: eliminate debug.cNeels Hofmeyr9-1/+112
Provide concise log categories for each main scope. Move the complete log categories 1:1 to osmo_bsc_main.c. In bsc_nat.c, omit obviously unused log categories. In tests, omit almost all log categories, except for those explicitly tested as the expected output. Note: should any logging occur for a log category that is omitted by accident, such will end up being logged as DLGLOBAL, so it will show up and we can fix it, and it will not get lost silently. Change-Id: Ib524e49ec211662e0dfde8161495a72aa8ad76cf
2018-02-05Make "waiting indicator" of IMMEDIATE ASSIGN REJECT dynamic.Stefan Sperling2-3/+1
The IMMEDIATE ASSIGN REJECT message contains a wait indicator which tells an MS requesting a channel to wait for a specified amount of time before trying to request a channel again, i.e. the wait indicator controls the T3122 timeout value in the MS. Previously, the wait indicator was fixed to 10 seconds. This is not sufficient if there are a lot of MS requesting channels because the MS will retry too soon. Instead of using a fixed value, maintain a dynamic wait indicator value based on average channel load. The load (used vs. available channels on a BTS) is sampled once per second, and once 8 samples have been collected we update a BTS-specific T3122 wait indicator based on the measured load. While the wait indicator could go up to 255 seconds, this initial implementation keeps it in the range from 10 to 128 seconds. Further experimentation and testing will show whether higher wait indicator values are desirable, if the sampling rate needs to change, or if the function mapping the load measurement to a wait indicator value should change (currently we map the load average linearly into the range [10, 128] inclusive). Change-Id: I57e38f6d6ba3b23cc6e1f9520b90261dbb1f1cec Related: OS#2592
2018-01-28remove obsolete gsm_subscriber_connection.bts memberHarald Welte1-1/+0
This member was merely a cache for conn->lchan->ts->trx->bts, so let's avoid having to keep copies of the same data (which needs to be kept up to date). Change-Id: Id3bff8b18425ef5d45eb460ac9eb620023013ba0
2018-01-26Improve an error message in page_lai_and_lac()Stefan Sperling1-1/+1
This error message is now contained in a loop, and the current iteration does not know whether paging will fail entirely or if later iterations will succeed. Update the error message accordingly. This also makes the error message consistent with the one in page_cgi(). Change-Id: I8ec229702343343dedcbb242b6d0ed170c858511
2018-01-19HO: add handover algo 2 parameters; skip HO 1 if HO 2 is configuredNeels Hofmeyr1-12/+217
Change-Id: I8811ee8a75be09048042b511ee4bd9bc1de63976
2018-01-19Correctly set T3105 for ipaccess BTS typeAndreas Eversberg2-3/+3
The given value is 10 * ms, so 13 is used instead of 128. If T3105 is set at config to something greater 0, it is used instead of the default value. Adjusst nanobts_omlattr_test.c accordingly. Change-Id: I3d9687619ba4de35f5d2eff3026d903534b2bbd4
2018-01-19HO prep: introduce per-BTS handover config, with defaults on net nodeNeels Hofmeyr2-0/+290
It is desirable to allow configuring handover for each individual network cell. At the same time, it is desirable to set global defaults. Treat the 'network' node handover parameters as global defaults, add another set of parameters for each individual BTS. This raises questions on how the 'network' node should affect the individual BTS. The simplistic solution would have been: on creating a BTS in the config, just copy the current defaults; with serious drawbacks: - tweaking any parameter in the telnet VTY on network node will never affect any running BTS. - network node defaults *must* be issued before the bts sections in the config file. - when writing a config back to file, we would copy all net node defaults to each BTS node, making the network node configs pointless. Instead, add a handover_cfg API that tracks whether a given node has a value set or not. A bts node ho_cfg gets a pointer to the network node config and returns those values if locally unset. If no value is set on any node, use the "factory" defaults, which are hardcoded in the API. Only write back exactly those config items that were actually issued in a config file / on the telnet VTY. (ho_cfg API wise, we could trivially add another ho_cfg level per TRX if we so desire in the future.) Implement ho parameters as an opaque config struct with getters and setters to ensure the tracking is always heeded. Opaqueness dictates allocating instead of direct embedding in gsm_network and gsm_bts structs, ctx is gsm_net / bts. This is 100% backwards compatible to old configs. - No VTY command syntax changes (only the online help). - If a 'bts' sets nothing, it will use the 'network' defaults. - The 'show network' output only changes in presence of individual BTS configs. On 'show network', say "Handover: On|Off" as before, iff all BTS reflect identical behavior. Otherwise, output BTS counts of handover being enabled or not. Use the same set of VTY commands (same VTY cmd syntax as before) on network and BTS nodes, i.e. don't duplicate VTY code. From the current vty->node, figure out which ho_cfg to modify. For linking, add handover_cfg.c (the value API) in libcommon, while the handover_vty.c is in libbsc. This is mainly because some utility programs use gsm_network and hence suck in the ho stuff, but don't need the VTY commands. Review the VTY online help strings. Add VTY transcript test for handover options, testing config propagation from network to bts nodes, 'show network' output and VTY online help strings. (Needs recent addition of '... !' wildcard to osmo_interact_common.py.) I considered leaving parts of this more readable, but in the end decided for heavy use of macros to define and declare the API, because more values will be added in upcoming patches and I want to prevent myself from messing them up. Inspired-by: jolly/new_handover branch, which moves the config to 'bts' level Depends: I7c1ebb2e7f059047903a53de26a0ec1ce7fa9b98 (osmo-python-tests) Change-Id: I79d35f6d3c0fbee67904378ad7f216df34fde79a
2018-01-16Move BTS selection for paging from osmo_bsc_grace.c into osmo_bsc_bssap.c.Stefan Sperling2-5/+14
We can now either page an invidual BTS directly or page several BTS in a given location area. This decision is taken based on the contents of the cell identifier list in the paging request. Select a set of BTS for paging while processing the cell identifier list, rather than requiring the paging layer to loop over all BTS in the MSC. This change requires some adjustment in bssap_test. In particular, this test must now add a BTS to its network in order to pass. The purpose of this change is to make the layering a bit cleaner. There is one functional change: We no longer abort paging if paging fails for a particular BTS. Instead, we keep trying to page on other BTS. Change-Id: Ic1c72c7f83e53988eb9fedf314b1dc459836833d Suggested-by: Harald Welte Depends: Ic7772e75c3d7fb0df6e17e118bb33b3248352d4d Related: OS#2753
2018-01-15Make libcommon, libcommon-cs, libfilter, utils depend on mgcp/sigtranHarald Welte1-0/+1
The stow-enabled jenkins builds are currently failing like below: make[3]: Entering directory '/build/src/libcommon' CC bsc_version.o CC common_vty.o CC debug.o CC gsm_data.o In file included from debug.c:34:0: ../../include/osmocom/bsc/gsm_data.h:15:38: fatal error: osmocom/sigtran/sccp_sap.h: No such file or directory #include <osmocom/sigtran/sccp_sap.h> ^ compilation terminated. In file included from common_vty.c:27:0: ../../include/osmocom/bsc/gsm_data.h:15:38: fatal error: osmocom/sigtran/sccp_sap.h: No such file or directory #include <osmocom/sigtran/sccp_sap.h> ^ compilation terminated. In file included from gsm_data.c:37:0: ../../include/osmocom/bsc/gsm_data.h:15:38: fatal error: osmocom/sigtran/sccp_sap.h: No such file or directory #include <osmocom/sigtran/sccp_sap.h> ^ compilation terminated. Let's make sure the common gsm_data.h have all required CFLAGS to compile. Change-Id: I30b75db6ffba227b05b5413b84b15f69e0c213f2
2018-01-11Implement support for paging by LAI.Stefan Sperling2-3/+13
Also, parse the complete cell identifier list for both LAC and LAI. Change-Id: Ic3c62ff0fccea586794ea4b3c275a0685cc9326e Related: OS#2751
2017-12-27Migrate from OpenSSL to osmo_get_rand_id()Max1-1/+0
This avoids potential licensing incompatibility and makes integration of Debian packaging patches easier. The libosmocore version requirements are fine already but for jenkins tests to pass we have to have Ic77866ce65acf524b768882c751a4f9c0635740b merged into libosmocore master. Change-Id: Ia57bf1300525cf3c247284fe966b1c415c2d53e2 Related: OS#1694
2017-12-23bsc_test.c: Use proper network/bts/lchan structuresHarald Welte1-4/+4
don't mock them, simply call the respective functions to get a gsm_network and a gsm_bts with all its subordinate members. Change-Id: I8bdf009d3c7e2473dd42da02762039a19430d6ce
2017-12-19remove libosmo-sccp dependency for osmo-bscHarald Welte1-2/+0
libosmo-sccp is the old sccp-lite-focused SCCP implementation that we used before libosmo-sigtran was created. The new osmo-bsc in this repository is using libosmo-sigtran and shouldn't be using parts of libosmo-sccp anymore. We only keep it around in configure.ac and Makefile.am for osmo-bsc_nat, which is not even built in this repository anymore (or 'again yet'?) Change-Id: I8f274be7d196cd7a5b1ec9ada949130fb06e984d
2017-12-19Remove dead code left over from NITB splitHarald Welte17-158/+4
There still is a lot of dead code that we inherited from the NITB days, let's remove more of it. libtrau will be re-introduced as part of osmo-mgw later. Change-Id: I8e0af56a158f25a4f1384d667c03eb20e72df5b8
2017-12-19Remove unneeded .py scriptsMax2-10/+2
The ipa.py has been moved to osmo-python-tests as osmo_ipa - use it for vty and ctrl tests instead of local copy. The soap.py and twisted_ipa.py are not BSC-specific: leftovers from repository split which are now available in osmo-python-tests as well. Change-Id: Ia4285b18b152b070c148228604d1e61a8adedba1
2017-12-18Fix tests after rate_ctr changeMax2-48/+62
Recent change lin libosmocore disallow registering rate_ctr with the same name and indexing multiple times. To accommodate to this: * allocate network struct once and use it for all tests * deregister rate_ctr group after each test * free bts struct after each test Related: OS#2757 Change-Id: Ie1537a1ee9ee812eaaf9f58dc4bc86d4add8c31f
2017-12-12Generate SI2bis Rest OctetsMax1-1/+1
According to the spec it's an empty 1-byte element reserved for future extension but we still have to generate padding properly. Add stub function similar to the used for SI2ter and adjust test output accordingly. Related: OS#2711 Change-Id: I3c278c57880a173df3c4648c9724339d23ce94fd
2017-12-11Generate SI2ter Rest OctetsMax1-1/+1
Previously we simply omitted SI2ter Rest Octets which is spec violation which lead to 'Malformed Packet' error in Wireshark RSL dissector. Fix this by generating empty 'no rest octets' with proper padding. Adjust test output accordingly. Change-Id: Ie4419aaaf93a462f501f8d8f7bf2677d37c58f94 Fixes: OS#2711
2017-12-10OML: expand status reporting checksMax2-0/+2
* check GPRS state: if GPRS is enabled for the BTS but NSE, CELL or both NSVC are locked than report it as degraded * check TRX usability: use already available function to check that TRX is actually usable when reporting OML status via CTRL * fix tests linking: libbsc is using gsm48_create_mm_serv_rej() which is defined in libcommon-cs but neither libbsc itself nor tests using it are actually linked against libcommon-cs Related: OS#2486 Change-Id: I9dce1d3b0cabe149a90cfca58a3fe55f8d6a72bc
2017-11-24tests: Fix selection of python versionPau Espin Pedrol3-4/+4
According to documentation (and personal experience), AM_PATH_PYTHON selects the highest version of python, no matter if major version is different, which means if both python2 and 3 are available, 3 will be chosen an PYTHON will point to "/.../python" which is python3. Apparently, the macro cannot be easily used to pick highest python2 version. As {vty,ctrl}_test_runner.py require python2 and are incompatible with python3, let's instead rely on the system having a "python2" binary available, which is the case in most distros. Change-Id: Id22e157d1bee453babdfa7ed04c506390b0f17bb
2017-11-07fix build: bssap test broke by undefined referencesNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+3
After the bssap test in Ie934c5d229140a89763bf2efff86d6a3766cd351, the subsequent commit Ia2882b7ca31a3219c676986e85045fa08a425d7a was not tested against the latest head, and its breaking bssap_test was not caught. Fix current master of osmo-bsc's 'make check' target: add osmo_bsc_mgcp.c and libosmo-mgcp-client dependencies to bssap_test linkage. Change-Id: I28719d267452f66d65581c43433e24a9f46cf7dc
2017-11-07bssap: paging: page entire BSS for unimplemented cell id listNeels Hofmeyr6-0/+200
3GPP TS § 08.08 defines various types of Cell Identifier List IEs, but we only implement "entire BSS" and "one LAC". If the MSC sends a Cell Identifier List that we don't implement, it is best for interoperability to page the entire BSS and post a log message instead of rejecting the paging altogether. Apart from resource management, it is not harmful to page more than the MSC requested; if use of resources becomes an issue, the log message will guide towards the solution of providing an actually implemented Cell Identifier List IE. Upon IE length that is other than we expect, log the error, but also fall back to paging the entire BSS. Overall message length correctness has been checked earlier. The particular case observed is that a Huwaei MSC sends a LAI for Cell Identifier List (MCC+MNC in bcd, followed by a LAC), parsing of which we may want to add later. Improve logging: identify the subscriber that is being paged. Coding style: use a switch() statement to clarify flow and provide a place to add more implementations later. Add regression test bssap_test.c: fabricates BSSAP Paging messages with the two implemented Cell Identifier List IEs as well as the unimplemented LAI identifier, verify the resulting paging LAC in wrapped function and stderr. Change-Id: Ie934c5d229140a89763bf2efff86d6a3766cd351
2017-10-24nanobts_omlattra_test: Initialize logging before executing testsHarald Welte1-0/+3
... the library code we call could want to log something, after all. Change-Id: Ic01e9bfb63d7b6def9432103e744c23c90f0f6b9
2017-10-24Fix nanobts_omlattr unit testHarald Welte1-0/+1
The test clearly fails unless bts->network is set correctly. Not sure why this hasn't shown up before? Change-Id: I47786ed06ff610213d7a0b56d0ebf1c537cd7568
2017-10-11SI1q: fix EARFCN appenderMax1-7/+13
Previously if we ran out of space while adding EARFCN, we simply return which might result in malformed SI2q. Fix it by proper rollback of entire EARFCN. While at it, let's be paranoid and introduce extra checks against integer overflow in budget calculations. Change-Id: I4b2aa3825e9affb6dfeadecdf24dd1a43a92b7b7 Related: OS#2357
2017-10-10SI2q: fix generation for multiple UARFCNsMax1-16/+14
* fix insert routine to keep the list sorted by UARFCN * fix rest octets generator to properly account for offset * adjust test results accordingly Change-Id: I443c5c5f937b490578354f3c8a0c5b92629f2794 Related: OS#2357
2017-10-02Fix repo split aftermathMax2-9/+6
* remove checks for non-existent tests * always enable bsc and nat-trie tests because both are built unconditionally * enable gsm0408 test which was removed by mistake * adjust gsm0408 test output to remove SMS-related results Change-Id: I73ad079a6333ba56e73b7c4d1d0e9c8255c2a03b Related: OS#2257
2017-10-01gsm0408_test: Verify that BA-IND is 0 in SI2xxx and 1 in SI5xxxHarald Welte2-4/+70
This adds a test case to explicitly verify the BA-IND is as expected by the behaviour introduced in Change-Id I1cd0dc51026dcd0e508e63eea4e333e6b184787a Related: OS#2525 Change-Id: I3e5b260af97ce96a221e4d51f6c1b41d58817a59
2017-10-01Make sure BA-IND in all SI2xxx is '0' and in all SI5xxx is '1'Harald Welte1-89/+89
In masurement reports sent by the MS, this can then be used to correlate if a given measurement report was in response to a BCCH/neighbor list received on BCCH (SI2xxx) or on dowlink SACCH (SI5xxx). Closes: OS#2525 Change-Id: I1cd0dc51026dcd0e508e63eea4e333e6b184787a
2017-09-26Remove unneeded dbi dependencyPau Espin Pedrol4-5/+0
Most probably a leftover from openbsc git Change-Id: I230564b6a6ad244ec6328a99a1c3dbd9bc5521ae
2017-09-25Further cleanup leftovers from BSC/MSC splitMax1-28/+0
* drop unused header * fix name of jenkins test * remove dead code Change-Id: I986904864741995910b6ba92173b9f7b1b03e2f1
2017-09-11fix vty tests: vty no longer goes to parent node implicitlyNeels Hofmeyr1-22/+0
Fix three instances of VTY tests working because it used to include implicit 'exit' commands to the parent node. Since libosmocore change-id Id73cba2dd34676bad8a130e9c45e67a272f19588 = commit d64b6aed235f6e4d84a2cb8e84b32c3179260254, we no longer do this implicit-exit in interactive VTY shells. *) in testPingPongConfiguration, the intention is to enter the /msc 0 node. Drop prior entry of the 'network' node, which looks like an oversight. So far the 'msc 0' caused an implicit 'exit' and thus worked, now fails. *) Two instances following comments "# Check searching for outer node's commands", which look like they are intended to check for this implicit-exit behavior. This is obsolete, drop those parts of the tests. Change-Id: I77931d6a09c42c443c6936000592f22a7fd06cab