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2017-12-27MGCP: Force-send a DLCX to all connections of before any new CRCXlaforge/dlcxHarald Welte1-0/+18
There are some situations in which osmo-bsc releases a call without sending a DLCX to the media gateway. The 'laforge/fsm' has a more proper solution to the problem, this is an interim hack which just sends an unsolicited DLCX before the CRCX. Change-Id: I1a78721d3d0a2f4a99cfddade2d06732f0388c30
2017-12-22BSC: Fix bsc_subsc leak on pagingHarald Welte1-0/+4
The OsmoBSC code contained a refcount leak on bsc_subscr in the paging code. For every PAGING command received from the MSC we consistently leaked one refcount, resulting in a resulting memory leak. Change-Id: I3d0fb406ca2a1042c6c3424e0dd263c1933b0d50 Closes: OS#2780
2017-12-22BSC: Add "show subscriber all" commandHarald Welte1-0/+23
This command lists the currently-active bsc_subscr and their contents, the format looks like this: OsmoBSC> show subscriber all IMSI TMSI LAC Use 001010123456789 ffffffff 65534 3 001010100000001 a1b2c301 65534 1 Change-Id: Ib9c0c31a0a5a91b42fd832fa0df3460b1a440733
2017-12-20mgcp: validate rtp connection data in MGW response (ip/port)Philipp Maier1-2/+18
Currently the pasing results from the RTP ip/port are fed into inet_addr without checking the results. Check the return code of inet_addr to be sure that the IP-Address got properly decoded. Change-Id: I1d0aa7e9b8480e1bef57269e3904399cb99815bb
2017-12-20mgcp: cancel transactions on timeoutPhilipp Maier1-0/+9
when a transaction to the MGW times out, then the context information is freed. Unfortunately the client is not informed about this and will try to execute the callback anyway. explicitly cancel the transaction in order to prevent access to already freed data structures. Change-Id: I40794dff7d10e2b6a96863a2da7e9fbd5662a1bf
2017-12-19remove unused 'lac' member of 'struct gsm_subscriber_connection'Harald Welte1-1/+0
This field was used in write-pnly mode, i.e. set but never read. Change-Id: I319945538fd3e3bc5cf3b9d82533641cb8ba5256
2017-12-19osmo-bsc: Move user plane/voice related bits into sub-structureHarald Welte6-29/+28
This clarifies which members of the struct are for what. Change-Id: I618822e6f2d48adce25f9df5c25acbce7c858412
2017-12-19osmo_bsc_bssap.c: Spelling fixes in commentHarald Welte1-3/+3
Change-Id: I32b2d08bf25cd2d343755ac8491e4f5f758ccee6
2017-12-19remove libosmo-sccp dependency for osmo-bscHarald Welte7-19/+6
libosmo-sccp is the old sccp-lite-focused SCCP implementation that we used before libosmo-sigtran was created. The new osmo-bsc in this repository is using libosmo-sigtran and shouldn't be using parts of libosmo-sccp anymore. We only keep it around in configure.ac and Makefile.am for osmo-bsc_nat, which is not even built in this repository anymore (or 'again yet'?) Change-Id: I8f274be7d196cd7a5b1ec9ada949130fb06e984d
2017-12-19Remove some more dead codeHarald Welte2-29/+0
Change-Id: I919bffe88babd90227c89abd4434322965c32ebb
2017-12-19Remove bogus MM INFO configurationHarald Welte4-89/+0
The network name and other MM INFO is controlled by the MSC, not the BSC. Change-Id: I1cbf72fc50cff29e7c1633ba752cbf15b4b84c58
2017-12-19Remove bogus vty config for LU reject causeHarald Welte3-22/+0
The LU reject cause (like anything MM related) is under control of OsmoMSC, not BSC. Change-Id: I559ae31d67726845c9699c8b6127e21c6f63ace6
2017-12-19Remove unused RRLP options/codecHarald Welte3-39/+0
RRLP is handled in OsmoMSC after the split from NITB, so let's remove any bogus VTY commands left over in the BSC. Change-Id: Ib626f43a3a3ca69dfc127afe5832eb58f7fb6a38
2017-12-19Remove dead code left over from NITB splitHarald Welte28-1511/+15
There still is a lot of dead code that we inherited from the NITB days, let's remove more of it. libtrau will be re-introduced as part of osmo-mgw later. Change-Id: I8e0af56a158f25a4f1384d667c03eb20e72df5b8
2017-12-14fix bssmap_handle_cipher_mode()'s encryption decisionNeels Hofmeyr1-6/+29
Properly match up any A5/N with the MSC's list of permitted algos. Properly set the reject cause in case of mismatching algorithm choices. Actually allow choosing A5/1 thru 3 as configured on the VTY, by passing a5_encryption through to gsm0808_cipher_mode() (instead of a hardcoded 1). Properly handle failure rc of gsm0808_cipher_mode() by sending a reject message. Cosmetically clarify which GSM0808_IE_ENCRYPTION_INFORMATION bits mean what by means of local variables; add some comments on expected encryption formats; add comment that the BSC should be able to have more than one a5_encryption. Related: OS#2745 OS#2755 Change-Id: Ide8a615905555e35be4584b458d4d40345686175
2017-12-14debug log: log Cipher Mode info upon sending down RSL/A-bisNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+4
Change-Id: I7f7ec44887f6b40fdce8d348e9e9bd200fe0b689
2017-12-14log typo fix in gsm0808_cipher_mode()Neels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
Change-Id: I3f6d138df9ddc9c6560d04e2e8baa1f3a50a164f
2017-12-14Add new "chan:mode_modify_nack" counter to count RSL MODE MODIFY NACKHarald Welte1-0/+1
Those NACKs shouldn't happen in production, and if they do, you probably want to have a more persistent figure than a line in the log file about it. Having counters allows the user to monitor this efficiently. Change-Id: Ic82c6baaf4cb88d07bc5cdc200f8279cf130f396
2017-12-14Add a new counter "rsl:ipa_nack" to count number of IPA related NACKsHarald Welte1-0/+4
Those NACKs (CRCX/MDCX/PDCH_ACT) shouldn't happen in production, and if they do, you probably want to have a more persistent figure than a line in the log file about it. Having counters allows the user to monitor this efficiently. Change-Id: I5edf979c9a2b4c9a5a60eef9f66c26da54f2bddf
2017-12-14Add new per-BTS "rsl:unknown" counter to count unknown RSL messagesHarald Welte1-0/+9
Change-Id: I268f222140fa5783e1d19f81fbd45614aaa4b8c4
2017-12-14Add per-BTS rate_ctr for total + failed number of RSL CHAN_ACTHarald Welte1-0/+4
Change-Id: I471b598af194dee78ebaa3414b6290c72d9bbcff
2017-12-14libbsc: paging: more reasonable (and detailed) paging statisticsHarald Welte2-5/+10
Counting the number of T3113 expirations (one per subscriber per BTS) vs the number of paging attempts (Bsc global) is a ueseless figure, as you cannot relate each other. We count on the BSC level: * how many PAGING we received from the MSC (total) * how many of those were for cells/LACs we don't serve * how many of those resulted in PAGING RESPONSE We count on the BTS leve: * how many PAGING CMD we sent to the BTS (total) * how many of those we ignored as we were already paging * how many of those resulted in PAGING RESPONSE * how many were expired due to T3113 expiring Change-Id: I410bbcbb2621f95f11238f7a5da01ab438f5fee1
2017-12-14Fix per-BTS counter group indexHarald Welte1-1/+1
I discovered that the per-BTS counter group could only be requested for BTS 0 but didn't work for any further BTSs. This is a bug introduced in Change-Id I5bd9e6e333b1c396beae46630986b17e7f8b82ef where we introudce the per-BTS counters,t but allocate all of them with index '0'. Change-Id: I1b56f8d7b47597ed263e6808074483edca0895de
2017-12-13paging: paging_flush_bts: be sure pending_requests is initalizedPhilipp Maier1-0/+2
The BSSMAP reset causes the paging requests to be flushed. When this happens right after startup then calling paging_flush_bts() may be called when the list bts->paging.pending_requests is not yet initalized, which causes a segfault. Call paging_init_if_needed() to be sure that the list is inizalized (like the other functions also do) Change-Id: I42ddbfdec6f9d74d858ad13cc38b5b64061d08dc
2017-12-13fix segfault upon release paging on BSSMAP Reset: init llistNeels Hofmeyr2-1/+8
Initialize the llist head gsm_bts->paging.pending_requests at the time gsm_bts is allocated, not only at paging_init_if_needed(). The gsm_bts->paging sub-struct is invalid as long as gsm_bts->paging.bts doesn't point back to bts. Hence the recently added iteration of gsm_bts->paging.pending_requests should have checked whether bts is NULL. The llist_head pending_requests is not initialized unless paging_init_if_needed() has been called (and paging.bts is hence set). However, this fix is a safer way to prevent errors like this in general. The segfault was introduced by d382bf63e2b7e28fe41c5310c26fe584f0356897 / If3f53d3bb66ad2dc02db823cb813590c6b59c700 Related: OS#2747 Change-Id: Idfafac4e2c0e0a241a62aecbbdc22be71febf840
2017-12-12Generate SI2bis Rest OctetsMax2-1/+18
According to the spec it's an empty 1-byte element reserved for future extension but we still have to generate padding properly. Add stub function similar to the used for SI2ter and adjust test output accordingly. Related: OS#2711 Change-Id: I3c278c57880a173df3c4648c9724339d23ce94fd
2017-12-11paging: Stop all paging if MSC sends us BSSMAP RESETHarald Welte2-0/+26
When the MSC has lost its state and issues a RESET, we should not only clear all ongoing radio connections, but we should also stop any paging. There's no point in paging a subscriber if the MSC doesn't know about this paging anymore. Change-Id: If3f53d3bb66ad2dc02db823cb813590c6b59c700 Closes: OS#2736
2017-12-11paging: Remove obsolete paging call-back supportHarald Welte3-46/+19
The call-back was needed inside the NITB to determine which part (CC, SMS, ...) had triggered a given paging. A pure BSC doesn't need that feature, so let's get rid of it. The 'void *cbfn_data' is replaced with a 'struct bsc_msc_data *', as all callers use it with that type. Change-Id: I8839e8338d3ad1a91b41e687e8412fcdca3fd9ab
2017-12-11paging.c: add more documentation on what the functions actually doHarald Welte1-4/+45
This was created during code review towards some upcoming fix for OS#2736. However, it's not really related to that. Change-Id: I68d4fc8baaedd1d64cd628b2441c57ebc64ecebc
2017-12-11Generate SI2ter Rest OctetsMax2-1/+20
Previously we simply omitted SI2ter Rest Octets which is spec violation which lead to 'Malformed Packet' error in Wireshark RSL dissector. Fix this by generating empty 'no rest octets' with proper padding. Adjust test output accordingly. Change-Id: Ie4419aaaf93a462f501f8d8f7bf2677d37c58f94 Fixes: OS#2711
2017-12-10mgcp: cosmetic fixupsPhilipp Maier1-105/+39
- use unique enum/struct fsm struct names - use macro to shift bits in FSM description - use OSMO_STRINGIFY to generate the state names - remove duplicate logging of states and events - remove unnecessary space in log strings - prefix hexadecimal enpoint ids with - remove unnecessary log messages - rename bsc_mgcp_cause_codes_str to bsc_mgcp_cause_codes_names Change-Id: I663e03046cde3c786af72d15681bf7497330d7f9
2017-12-10OML: expand status reporting checksMax3-1/+20
* check GPRS state: if GPRS is enabled for the BTS but NSE, CELL or both NSVC are locked than report it as degraded * check TRX usability: use already available function to check that TRX is actually usable when reporting OML status via CTRL * fix tests linking: libbsc is using gsm48_create_mm_serv_rej() which is defined in libcommon-cs but neither libbsc itself nor tests using it are actually linked against libcommon-cs Related: OS#2486 Change-Id: I9dce1d3b0cabe149a90cfca58a3fe55f8d6a72bc
2017-12-09Remove 'msc' counter group from BSCHarald Welte1-6/+0
This is left over from the OsmoNITB days. We're defining and allocating these MSC counters, but never actually using them. This also means that the automatic counter export will list them, raising the expectation at users that such counters could be used in OsmoBSC. Let's remove them. They are in OsmoMSC, but not OsmoBSC. Change-Id: I5bd9e6e333b1c396beae46630986b17e7f8b82ef
2017-12-09Move many counters from BSC-global to per-BTS granularityHarald Welte5-24/+32
We used to have a lot of counters only globlly per BSC, but they're much more useful on a per-BTS level. Change-Id: I954b9dda72b83b91d46a934c221a8b3375743599
2017-12-01cosmetic: use fsm pointer from parameter listPhilipp Maier1-39/+31
the parameter list of osmo-fsm callbacks contains a pointer to the fsm instance. Use this pointer instead of reaching out for mgcp_ctx->fsm. Change-Id: I05ff62e7e2de64c2dbf5ea2736f5e58faf16df0b
2017-12-01cosmetic: correct sourcecode formattingPhilipp Maier1-1/+2
add missing line break Change-Id: Ia117e4099046fefcf35ccb94400554062e667869
2017-12-01cosmetic: add missing log prefixPhilipp Maier1-6/+6
the log messages have prefixes that mark important phases (CRCX/BTS, etc...). Some lines lack the prefix. Add missing prefixes. Change-Id: Iea5ea9e54f4b5c998b1d5fe18a98a94abd7b728b
2017-12-01cosmetic: do not cast void pointerPhilipp Maier1-5/+5
remove the casting of void *data, just assign directly Change-Id: I2e37630e315b3602da2f14e2364bb76be9dd2894
2017-12-01cosmetic: remove duplicate loggingPhilipp Maier1-24/+2
The log output of the reset FSM duplicates lots of the built in FSM log output. Remove duplicate logging, use more expressive log messages where needed. Change-Id: Ia5af309207476291f88af47878dc1d32b2dada06
2017-12-01mgcp: do not fail silently on snprintf()Philipp Maier1-2/+1
The snprintf() that is used to compose the fsm name on an assignment request may cause a silent failure. The buffer is large enough to take the string under all circumstances. If snprintf() fails, this would mean we have some other serious problem. use OSMO_ASSERT in case the snprintf() fails, so the failure gets noticed. Change-Id: I3c36df8cfd0880c524244048a993cd136be41f56
2017-12-01mgcp: add missing switch casePhilipp Maier1-0/+8
In the beginning of the CRCX phase for the network does not distinguish between EV_MDCX_BTS_RES and EV_TEARDOWN, so a Teardown due to an error could be misinterpreted as a successful MGW response. Add missing case statement to distinguish CV_MDCX_BTS_RES from EV_TEARDOWN. Change-Id: I9bf49df167d94b33ad65d8b9382a01f160b5aec0
2017-12-01mgcp: use mgw assigned connection identifiersPhilipp Maier1-11/+14
osmo-mgw assigns connection identifiers which are returned with the response to the CRCX. store the assigned connection identifiers and use them to identify the connections. Depends: osmo-mgw Iab6a6038e7610c62f34e642cd49c93d11151252c Closes: OS#2648 Change-Id: Ib379a6f40875bb8f2cf29038a5b5b7a40a21adab
2017-12-01mgcp: use hexadecimal digits in endpoint namesPhilipp Maier1-1/+1
The current implementation of osmo-mgw parses the numerical digit inside the endpoint name as hexadecimal number. also use hexadecimal numbers in endpoint names. Change-Id: I64a970d300b7290d50ec84b0640d5a321d903f5e
2017-11-30auth: remove obsolete VTY commandsPhilipp Maier2-18/+0
authentication (optional|required) is no longer needed, the related decisions are now made in the HLR. Change-Id: Ib6c6331cc86004c4862067031e4fcb12a6975b63
2017-11-30sccp-lite: remove obsolete VTY commandsPhilipp Maier1-43/+0
remove obsolete vty commands: - token - auth-key - no auth-key Change-Id: I9101d750a424b8af46d603bc7c877229bbae8727
2017-11-30bssap: remove libosmo-legacy-mgcp dependancyPhilipp Maier1-4/+15
the functions mgcp_timeslot_to_endpoint() and rtp_calculate_port() which are used to calculate the port in the sccp-lite / non AoIP case are part of libosmo-legacy-mgcp. Unfortunately libosmo-mgcp and libosmo-legacy-mgcp cause problems when used at the same time. Replace the functions mgcp_timeslot_to_endpoint() and rtp_calculate_port() with a local helper function. Change-Id: Id10311332aeabd8fd3ba1922198e34708e04cef9
2017-11-29HO prep: pass gsm_network to gsm_bts_alloc() alreadyNeels Hofmeyr2-3/+4
Prepare for a future change that accesses bts->network during gsm_bts_alloc(). Currently, gsm_bts_alloc() takes a ctx parameter, and gsm_bts_alloc_register() then gets the gsm_network pointer and sets bts->network to it. All callers anyway pass gsm_network as ctx to gsm_bts_alloc(), and anything else would not make sense anyway. So enforce passing exactly gsm_network to gsm_bts_alloc() and already set the bts->network pointer from there. Prepares-for: I00870a5828703cf397776668d3301c0c3a4e033a Change-Id: Ie590c14aa08df4c4f345596b23e5226c5577057a
2017-11-29cosmetic: handover.h: use "#pragma once", declare structs, commentsNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+2
Use new #pragma style instead of #ifndef dance. Forward-declare all structs we're using pointers of. Move function comments to their definitions in the .c file. Change-Id: I3d43ec01897c0ef9eaf506e68d5a1ec1977f70ea
2017-11-29compiler warnings: constify in abis_nm.cNeels Hofmeyr1-4/+5
Constify in- and output arguments for Parse Attribute Response Info chain to avoid compiler warnings, and more clearly indicate const data in the first place. Change-Id: Ib7d069fe1fda69e89dfd171cd76b1ed6d6db0ceb
2017-11-29compiler warnings: drop some unused variablesNeels Hofmeyr2-4/+0
Change-Id: I840b0cd8ee3e7c521e7c9053a992deeb9ec22ff4