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+== Channel allocation
+Radio resource management is one of the main tasks of the Base Station Controller.
+This involves selection, activation, and deactivation of logical channels, which
+are maintained by connected Base Stations. The number of usable logical channels
+is limited by total number of radio carriers and may vary depending on the physical
+channel combinations assigned to their timeslots. Thus a major goal of the this
+task is to manage all the available resources in an efficient way, shifting the
+balance between service quality and the overall capacity.
+=== Channel allocation parameters
+OsmoBSC's channel allocator can be configured via the VTY interface. All
+relevant parameters are limited by the scope of a BTS node they belong to.
+There is currently no way to define global configuration for all BTS.
+All parameters with their respective default values are listed below:
+ bts 0
+ channel allocator ascending
+ channel allocator avoid-interference 0
+ channel allocator tch-signalling-policy always
+==== Channel allocation modes
+Currently only the following two simple channel allocation modes are supported:
+- ascending (default): allocates channels in ascending order,
+starting from timeslot 0 of the first TRX (also called C0, the BCCH carrier);
+- descending: allocates channels in descending order,
+starting from timeslot 7 of the last TRX.
+NOTE: Regardless of the chosen mode, logical channels (sub-slots) are always
+selected in ascending order. For example, if a timeslot is configured as SDCCH/8
+and all 8 sub-slots are not in use, then the first SDCCH(0) sub-slot will be
+selected in both ascending and descending modes.
+The allocation mode to be used can be configured using the following VTY command:
+OsmoBSC(config-net-bts)# channel allocator ?
+ ascending Allocate Timeslots and Transceivers in ascending order
+ descending Allocate Timeslots and Transceivers in descending order
+==== Interference aware channel allocation
+The channel allocator can be configured to prefer logical channels with least
+interference, based on interference measurements periodically sent by the BTSs
+(see <<interf_rep>>). This is an optional feature, which is disabled by default.
+OsmoBSC(config-net-bts)# channel allocator avoid-interference ?
+ 0 Ignore interference levels (default). Always assign lchans
+ in a deterministic order.
+ 1 In channel allocation, prefer lchans with less interference.
+NOTE: Interference levels are compared within the scope of a single TRX, which
+is selected with respect to the configured allocation mode. This means that
+the selection logic would ignore channels on the other TRXes, even if they
+are better according to the interference reports from the BTS.
+==== TCH sigalling policy
+By default, in a situation when all SDCCHs are exhausted, OsmoBSC will be using TCH
+channels for signalling (e.g for Location Updating or call establishment). This
+behavior can be restricted to certain kinds of signalling or disabled completely.
+OsmoBSC(config-net-bts)# channel allocator tch-signalling-policy ?
+ never Never allow TCH for signalling purposes
+ emergency Only allow TCH for signalling purposes when establishing an emergency call
+ voice Allow TCH for signalling purposes when establishing any voice call
+ always Always allow TCH for signalling purposes (default)
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== Interference reporting
According to 3GPP 48.058, section 6.1, the BTS shall periodically report the
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