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authorHolger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>2010-04-07 20:22:21 +0200
committerHolger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>2010-04-07 20:22:21 +0200
commit4ec8a390cce0a010c4140e283067f2a5149ab27b (patch)
treea932c0d912932195fdf8ca6939ebb08c6e89dab3 /openbsc/src/bssap.c
parentcf3f1c8b3d847e4134dc2cd932c583ebc9650882 (diff)
bssap: Another possible null derference on the code.
We do not want to send a msg over the NULL lchan. Let us return fast from here.
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/openbsc/src/bssap.c b/openbsc/src/bssap.c
index bcaad3046..8517aee1f 100644
--- a/openbsc/src/bssap.c
+++ b/openbsc/src/bssap.c
@@ -473,7 +473,7 @@ static int bssmap_handle_assignm_req(struct sccp_connection *conn,
if (!msg->lchan || !msg->lchan->msc_data) {
DEBUGP(DMSC, "No lchan/msc_data in cipher mode command.\n");
- goto reject;
+ return -1;
msc_data = msg->lchan->msc_data;