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+=== Osmux Support in {program-name}
+==== {program-name} in a A/IP with IPA/SCCPlite network setup
+In this kind of setup, Osmux is transparent to {program-name} and no specific
+configuration is required here, since the CN-side of the BSC-attached MGW is
+managed directly by the MSC.
+So, in this case, only MSC and MGW (both for MSC-attached one and BSC-attached
+one) need to be configured explicitly.
+==== {program-name} in a 3GPP AoIP network setup
+Osmux usage in {program-name} in managed through the VTY command `osmux
+(on|off|only)`. Once enabled (`on` or `only`), {program-name} will start
+appending the vendor specific _Osmux Support_ IE in _BSSMAP RESET_ and _BSSMAP
+RESET-ACK_ message towards the MSC in order to announce it supports Osmux. This
+way, the MSC can decide whether to use Osmux or not based on this information
+when setting up a call (this time using _Osmux CID_ IE). It should be noted that
+this option should not be enabled unless MSC managing {program-name} supports
+handling this extension IE (like OsmoMSC), a 3rd-party MSC might otherwise
+refuse the related _RESET_/_RESET-ACK_ messages.
+{program-name} will behave differently during call set up based on the VTY
+command presented above:
+* `off`: If _BSSMAP Assign Request_ from MSC contains _Osmux CID_ IE, meaning
+ MSC wants to use Osmux for this call, then {program-name} will reject the
+ assignment and the call set up will fail.
+* `on`: BSC will support and accept both Osmux and non-Osmux (RTP) upon call set
+ up. If _BSSMAP Assign Request_ from MSC contains _Osmux CID_ IE,
+ {program-name} will instruct its MGW to set up an Osmux connection on the
+ CN-side of the MGCP endpoint, and will provide the MSC with its _recvCID_
+ through the extension IE _Osmux CID_ appened to the _BSSMAP Assign Complete_
+ message. On the other hand, if _BSSMAP Assign Request_ doesn't contain an
+ _Osmux CID_ IE, {program-name} will instruct its MGW to set up a regular RTP
+ connection on the CN-side of the MGCP endpoint.
+* `only`: Same as per `on`, except that {program-name} will accept only Osmux
+ calls on the CN-side, this is, if _BSSMAP Assign Request_ from MSC doesn't
+ contain an _Osmux CID_ IE, it will reject the assignment and the call set up
+ will fail.
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+:program-name: OsmoBSC
OsmoBSC User Manual
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