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+osmo-auc - Core of an GSM/UMTS authentication Centre (AUC)
+This program provides the core capability of an AUC, i.e. the
+on-demand generation of authentication triplets / quintuples for
+specific subscribers.
+The approach taken here is very simple
+ * use autentication routines of libosmocore/libosmogsm
+ * load all subscriber key data into RAM
+ * don't implement TCAP/MAP as external protocol
+ * provide a simple API for generating triplets/quintuples for given IMSI
+The idea is to grow this step by step into a more complete implementation:
+ * add more storage backends than the CSV example, e.g. for various SQL
+ * add code to actually write back the most recent subscriber SQN in case of UMTS
+ * turn it into a multi-threaded implementation to scale on SMP
+ * interface with Osmcoom SCCP/TCAP/MAP stack in Erlang