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2019-01-16removed unused USB CDC stackKévin Redon6-1226/+0
2019-01-16restructure and complete the USB-side DFU state machineKévin Redon1-44/+133
2019-01-16make USB descriptor available for the two state machinesKévin Redon2-5/+12
2019-01-16declare variables so the main loop can read the data to be flashed provided b...Kévin Redon2-2/+25
2019-01-16add initial DFU class request handlingKévin Redon1-4/+49
2019-01-16add documentation and fix timeout valueKévin Redon2-10/+10
2019-01-16fix USB enablingKévin Redon1-21/+19
2019-01-16add USB DFU descriptionKévin Redon4-0/+507
2019-01-09use USB CDC Echo example projectKévin Redon13-0/+3796