BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debianAdd dh-autoreconfJan Luebbe12 years
jjakoInitial uploadjjako21 years
laforge/osmo-ggsnggsn: Add ability to specify local IP addresses for GTP-C and GTP-UHarald Welte6 years
mastercontrib/jenkins.sh: Allow jenkins job to specify if kernel GTP is usedHarald Welte6 years
neels/refactorgtpie_gettlv(): fix return value on specific error.Neels Hofmeyr8 years
originFixed APN bugjjako19 years
osmo-ggsnggsn: add support for GTP kernel data encapsulationPablo Neira Ayuso10 years
sysmocom/default-loglevelggsn: Change the default log levels for the logfileHolger Hans Peter Freyther9 years
sysmocom/libosmocoreggsn: Move printf to DEBUGP statements in the ggsn as wellHolger Hans Peter Freyther9 years
zecke/ancient/debian6.0debian: Make a backport for Debian6.0Holger Hans Peter Freyther8 years
0.94commit 23eea1d132...Harald Welte6 years
0.93commit 9225bfc48c...Harald Welte7 years
3G_2016_09commit 03dbafb000...BJovke7 years
0.92commit ac0b4f17fe...Harald Welte8 years
0.91commit 76f044da09...Harald Welte13 years
0.90commit 47122e78fc...Harald Welte14 years