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+# OpenGGSN - Gateway GPRS Support Node
+# Copyright (C) 2002 Mondru AB.
+# The contents of this file may be used under the terms of the GNU
+# General Public License Version 2, provided that the above copyright
+# notice and this permission notice is included in all copies or
+# substantial portions of the software.
+# The initial developer of the original code is
+# Jens Jakobsen <jj@openggsn.org>
+# Contributor(s):
+option "fg" f "Run in foreground" flag off
+option "debug" d "Run in debug mode" flag off
+option "conf" c "Read configuration file" string no
+option "pidfile" - "Filename of process id file" string default="./sgsnemu.pid" no
+option "statedir" - "Directory of nonvolatile data" string default="./" no
+option "dns" - "DNS Server to use" string no
+option "listen" l "Local interface" string no
+option "remote" r "Remote host" string no
+option "net" n "Network" string default="" no
+option "mask" - "Network mask" string default="" no
+option "contexts" - "Number of contexts" int default="1" no
+option "static" - "Allocate static tun ifterface" flag off
+option "timelimit" - "Exit after timelimit seconds" int default="0" no
+option "apn" a "Access point name" string default="internet" no
+option "imsi" i "IMSI" string default="240010123456789" no
+option "msisdn" m "Mobile Station ISDN number" string default="46702123456" no
+option "qos" q "Requested quality of service" int default="0x0b921f" no
+option "uid" u "Login user ID" string default="mig" no
+option "pwd" p "Login password" string default="hemmelig" no