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authorHarald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>2009-07-29 10:58:08 +0200
committerHarald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>2009-07-29 10:58:08 +0200
commit849427d89513bbadca594035e03d73e2bcf2ac09 (patch)
tree3b06dc9f59a0669cd1e632820b4c65a593ceaf6e /openbsc/src/rtp_proxy.c
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diff --git a/openbsc/src/rtp_proxy.c b/openbsc/src/rtp_proxy.c
index 158145b75..a581b9fdf 100644
--- a/openbsc/src/rtp_proxy.c
+++ b/openbsc/src/rtp_proxy.c
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ struct rtcp_hdr {
#define RTCP_IE_CNAME 1
-/* iterate over all chunks in one RTCP message, kook for CNAME IEs and
+/* iterate over all chunks in one RTCP message, look for CNAME IEs and
* replace all of those with 'new_cname' */
static int rtcp_sdes_cname_mangle(struct msgb *msg, struct rtcp_hdr *rh,
u_int16_t *rtcp_len, const char *new_cname)