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@@ -61,16 +61,28 @@ The LD_LIBRARY_PATH below may be needed if OpenGGSN installed to /usr/local.
cd <your-test-dir>
path/to/openbsc/openbsc/src/gprs/osmo-gtphub -c gtphub.conf #-e 1 #for DEBUG level
-3. SGSN test:
+3. SGSN tests:
sudo -s
cd <your-test-dir>
- /usr/local/bin/sgsnemu --createif -l -r --contexts=3
+ /usr/local/bin/sgsnemu --createif -l -r --imsi 420001214365100 --contexts=3
+Add more SGSNs using different IMSIs and local ports (if the same IMSI is used,
+the GGSN will reuse TEIs and tunnels will be discarded automatically):
+ /usr/local/bin/sgsnemu --createif -l -r --imsi 420001214365300 --contexts=3
This shows the basic setup of GTPHub. Testing internet traffic via sgsnemu
still needs some effort to announce a mobile subscriber or the like (I have
used a real BTS, osmo-sgsn and a testing SIM in a web phone, instead).
+The core capability of GTPHub is to manage more than two GSNs, e.g. an SGSN
+contacting various GGSNs over the single GTPHub link. You would configure the
+SGSN to use one fixed GGSN (sending to gtphub) and gtphub will resolve the
+GGSNs once it has received the messages. So the SGSN may be behind NAT (add
+"sgsn-use-sender" to gtphub.conf) and communicate to various GGSNs over a
+single link to gtphub.
I hope this helps to get you going.
Any suggestions/patches are welcome!