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Add documentation for the control interface protocol
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+The protocol for the control interface is wrapped inside the ip.access header
+with the IPAC_PROTO_OSMO protocol ID (0xee). Inside the ip.access header is
+a struct ipaccess_head_ext with protocol ID 0x00 which indicates the control
+After that the actual protocol is text based:
+* Getting the value of a variable
+-> GET <id> <var>
+<- GET_REPLY <id> <var> <val>
+or ERROR <id> <reason>
+* Setting the value of a variable
+-> SET <id> <var> <val>
+<- SET_REPLY <id> <var> <val>
+or ERROR <id> <reason>
+* A value changes which triggers a trap
+<- TRAP <var> <val>
+<id> needs to be unique within a connection. '0' is not allowed