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cosmetic: gsm_data.h, README: rename CSCN to MSC
We're discarding the name OsmoCSCN for the benefit of OsmoMSC. But "CSCN" has already crept into the master branch in two places; apply the rename. See OS#1958 Change-Id: Ib4274eb3c172ada1fe7f05746740b456370bc93d
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ implementing protocol stacks and functional elements, including
* OsmoBSC - a pure GSM BSC, speaking Abis/IP to the BTS and A/IP to the MSC
* OsmoBSC-MGCP - MGCP helper to the OsmoBSC software
* OsmoNITB - a BSC+MSC+VLR+HLR+SMSC "Network in the box".
- * OsmoCSCN - a voice CN with A/IP and IuCS/IP towards the BSC and/or HNB-GW
+ * OsmoMSC - a voice CN with A/IP and IuCS/IP towards the BSC and/or HNB-GW
* OsmoSGSN - a GPRS SGSN with Gb/IP and IuPS/IP towards the PCU and/or HNB-GW
* Osmo-GbProxy - a Proxy to aggregate many Gb links as one Gb link to the SGSN
* OsmoBSCNAT - a gateway aggregating many A links as one A link to the MSC