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Remove unused auth code and add commentneels/auth_failed
The GSM_SECURITY_AUTH_FAILED path is never invoked by the gsm48_secure_channel() function as it is today. Keep the GSM_SECURITY_AUTH_FAILED case, since the upcoming Iu auth will use it. But rather return an error, which will lead to a timeout, and a LU Reject will be sent. If the GSM_SECURITY_AUTH_FAILED code path removed by this patch were invoked, it would never send out a LU Reject, since a call to release_loc_updating_req() only releases the connection. To reject, a call to gsm0408_loc_upd_rej() would be necessary, as seen in loc_upd_rej_cb(). Arguably, it may be desirable to omit a LU Reject in case of an auth failure, to be less friendly to auth attackers? So far that was not the case (since that code path was never used), so not adding this behavior now. Change-Id: I44aac24811785c4b6f95f830b8b35d5fbe644e0f
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