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authorNeels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr@sysmocom.de>2015-11-11 17:27:01 +0100
committerNeels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr@sysmocom.de>2015-11-16 15:16:47 +0100
commit16c3f57ed63c65043561c6bb4cec2430d0537aff (patch)
parent3317c84c163a567e0d9405df6d4945689dac1f2c (diff)
gtphub: fix numerous segfaults, and other stupidities.
Initialize llist_heads to empty (2 were missing). Move those for struct gtphub instances to gtphub_zero() (one moved, one added). In from_[gs]gsns_read_cb(), use a return type that can actually reflect negative return values. resolved_addr.buf: no need to take the address of a byte array var (cosmetic). Pass the proper user data address to sgsn_ares_query(), not the address of the pointer holding the user data address. Initialize ggsn_lookup->expiry_entry (was missing). Publish the function for that in gtphub.h so gtphub_ext.c can use it. Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehi
3 files changed, 10 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/openbsc/include/openbsc/gtphub.h b/openbsc/include/openbsc/gtphub.h
index 79f138b0a..a0125669d 100644
--- a/openbsc/include/openbsc/gtphub.h
+++ b/openbsc/include/openbsc/gtphub.h
@@ -182,6 +182,9 @@ void expiry_init(struct expiry *exq, int expiry_in_seconds);
/* Add a new mapping, or restart the expiry timeout for an already listed mapping. */
void expiry_add(struct expiry *exq, struct expiring_item *mapping, time_t now);
+/* Initialize to all-empty; must be called before using the item in any way. */
+void expiring_item_init(struct expiring_item *item);
/* Remove the given item from its expiry queue, and call item->del_cb, if set.
* This sets item->del_cb to NULL and is harmless when run a second time on the
* same item, so the del_cb may choose to call this function, too, to allow
diff --git a/openbsc/src/gprs/gtphub.c b/openbsc/src/gprs/gtphub.c
index b3638fe3f..f0c96bc01 100644
--- a/openbsc/src/gprs/gtphub.c
+++ b/openbsc/src/gprs/gtphub.c
@@ -718,6 +718,8 @@ int gtphub_ares_init(struct gtphub *hub);
static void gtphub_zero(struct gtphub *hub)
+ INIT_LLIST_HEAD(&hub->ggsn_lookups);
+ INIT_LLIST_HEAD(&hub->resolved_ggsns);
static int gtphub_sock_init(struct osmo_fd *ofd,
@@ -1243,7 +1245,7 @@ static int from_ggsns_read_cb(struct osmo_fd *from_ggsns_ofd, unsigned int what)
struct osmo_sockaddr from_addr;
struct osmo_sockaddr to_addr;
struct osmo_fd *to_ofd;
- size_t len;
+ int len;
uint8_t *reply_buf;
len = gtphub_read(from_ggsns_ofd, &from_addr, buf, sizeof(buf));
@@ -1497,7 +1499,7 @@ static int from_sgsns_read_cb(struct osmo_fd *from_sgsns_ofd, unsigned int what)
struct osmo_sockaddr from_addr;
struct osmo_sockaddr to_addr;
struct osmo_fd *to_ofd;
- size_t len;
+ int len;
uint8_t *reply_buf;
len = gtphub_read(from_sgsns_ofd, &from_addr, buf, sizeof(buf));
@@ -1796,8 +1798,6 @@ void gtphub_init(struct gtphub *hub)
- INIT_LLIST_HEAD(&hub->resolved_ggsns);
expiry_init(&hub->expire_seq_maps, GTPH_SEQ_MAPPING_EXPIRY_SECS);
expiry_init(&hub->expire_tei_maps, GTPH_TEI_MAPPING_EXPIRY_MINUTES * 60);
diff --git a/openbsc/src/gprs/gtphub_ext.c b/openbsc/src/gprs/gtphub_ext.c
index 0d6627350..98a9a4014 100644
--- a/openbsc/src/gprs/gtphub_ext.c
+++ b/openbsc/src/gprs/gtphub_ext.c
@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ static void ggsn_lookup_cb(void *arg, int status, int timeouts, struct hostent *
goto remove_from_queue;
- memcpy(&resolved_addr.buf, addr0, hostent->h_length);
+ memcpy(resolved_addr.buf, addr0, hostent->h_length);
resolved_addr.len = hostent->h_length;
LOGP(DGTPHUB, LOGL_NOTICE, "resolved addr %s\n",
@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ static int start_ares_query(struct ggsn_lookup *lookup)
LOGP(DGTPHUB, LOGL_DEBUG, "Going to query %s (%p / %p)\n", lookup->apn_oi_str, lookup, &lookup->expiry_entry);
- int rc = sgsn_ares_query(sgsn, lookup->apn_oi_str, ggsn_lookup_cb, &lookup);
+ int rc = sgsn_ares_query(sgsn, lookup->apn_oi_str, ggsn_lookup_cb, lookup);
if (rc != 0)
LOGP(DGTPHUB, LOGL_ERROR, "Failed to start ares query.\n");
return rc;
@@ -155,6 +155,7 @@ struct gtphub_peer_port *gtphub_resolve_ggsn_addr(struct gtphub *hub,
LOGP(DGTPHUB, LOGL_NOTICE, "Request to resolve IMSI '%s' with APN-NI '%s' (%p / %p)\n",
imsi_str, apn_ni_str, lookup, &lookup->expiry_entry);
+ expiring_item_init(&lookup->expiry_entry);
lookup->hub = hub;
strncpy(lookup->imsi_str, imsi_str, sizeof(lookup->imsi_str));