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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines Don't append the apps directory path setting if the correct se...HEADmasterpatacongo2-6/+13
2012-09-05STM32 Kconfig looks good. STM32 external ram configuration changed.patacongo59-424/+145
2012-09-05LPC17xx Kconfig looks goodpatacongo4-14/+39
2012-09-05defconfig changes for LPC17xx Kconfigpatacongo26-25/+50
2012-09-05Update LPC17 Kconfigpatacongo3-9/+167
2012-09-05Add configuration for the LM3Spatacongo9-46/+122
2012-09-05Add Kconfig settings for the LPC17xxpatacongo10-583/+1052
2012-09-05Things missing from lib/Kconfigpatacongo1-21/+101
2012-09-05Refactor serial configuratin; AVR teensy Kconfig now buildspatacongo7-374/+383
2012-09-05Oops.. sendfile() was not keeping track of the number bytes transferred or ha...patacongo1-4/+18
2012-09-04Add sendfile()patacongo11-6/+429
2012-09-04Enhancements to the uIP web server from Katepatacongo1-0/+3
2012-09-04Kconfig changes + back out part of last check-in: The 2STOP setting must be ...patacongo166-614/+614
2012-09-04Changes to Kconfig and matching defconfig filespatacongo171-1304/+1304
2012-09-04Back out the last STM32 SDIO DMA change. It is incorrectpatacongo2-43/+6
2012-09-04Oops... bits in region mask are invertedpatacongo3-3/+3
2012-09-04STM32 SDIO DMA should only 16-bits wide when DMA-ing to/from FSMC SRAMpatacongo5-6/+74
2012-09-04Add support for multiple work queuespatacongo28-167/+466 now will ignore appconfig files if CONFIG_NUTTX_NEWCONFIG is def...patacongo2-2/+45
2012-09-02Fix workqueue assertion; STM32 power managementpatacongo3-6/+14
2012-09-01Documentation: no longer re-directs to nuttx.sourceforge.netpatacongo4-15/+15
2012-09-01mksymtab: Fix handling of final comma. Some C compilers can't handle them; Al...patacongo1-10/+19
2012-09-01Ooops.. mksymtab needs to check for zero-length header file namespatacongo1-7/+10
2012-09-01Separate CVS parsing logic from tools/mksyscall.c; Create tools/mksymtab.c to...patacongo23-346/+852
2012-09-01Remove CONFIG_LIBC_PERROR_DEVNAME. What was I thinking?patacongo5-41/+14
2012-08-31The content for uIP web server demo is no longer canned, but is not built dyn...patacongo25-877/+1305
2012-08-31Add lib.csv that may be used to generate C library symbol tablespatacongo66-70/+276
2012-08-31Fix some places in library where semaphore is not released on error conditionspatacongo26-80/+148
2012-08-30Add configurable application entry pointpatacongo199-34/+401
2012-08-30Add USB host support for the STM3240G-EVAL boardpatacongo22-186/+578
2012-08-30Remove documentation from defconfig files so that they are more maintainablepatacongo187-81423/+325
2012-08-29The USB host driver has been verified on the STM32F4Discoverypatacongo91-103/+149
2012-08-29Add USB host support to the STM32F4Discovery boardpatacongo15-85/+601
2012-08-28I think the STM32 UST OTG FS host driver is finally finishedpatacongo2-31/+53
2012-08-28Slightly improved delay logic for the USB hostpatacongo3-29/+46
2012-08-28This appears to fix the NAK-issues for IN data transfers. Still an issue wit...patacongo1-141/+246
2012-08-28Ooops... forgot to add lib_perror.c to the Make.defs filepatacongo4-5/+6
2012-08-28Add perror()patacongo9-17/+382
2012-08-28Add some protection to the priority inheritance logic when sem_post() is call...patacongo5-90/+246
2012-08-27Some STM32 USB OTG FS driver fixespatacongo10-11/+28
2012-08-27Fix some NAK race conditions in control transfers (there are more)patacongo2-52/+103
2012-08-27Dequote Kconfig strings that may be used as components of a pathpatacongo190-17/+230
2012-08-26More patches/bugfixes from Katepatacongo4-4/+32
2012-08-26waitpid(): Move some logic inside of a critical sectionpatacongo2-1/+4
2012-08-26Fix some list handling associated with priority inheritancepatacongo7-75/+99
2012-08-25Prep for 6.21 releasepatacongo5-208/+670
2012-08-24Update STM32 USB OTG FS host driver -- the driver is now marginally functionalpatacongo5-77/+120
2012-08-23Lots of defconfig changes for compatibility with the configuration toolpatacongo188-2657/+2657
2012-08-23STM32 OTG FS host driver: Fix some bad NAK handlingpatacongo1-8/+21
2012-08-23Fixes several STM32 USB OTG FS host MSC write transferspatacongo1-135/+251