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2012-09-05LPC17xx Kconfig looks goodpatacongo1-0/+29
2012-09-05Add URL/CGI function mapping option to uIP web serverpatacongo4-10/+54
2012-09-05Add Kconfig settings for the LPC17xxpatacongo1-0/+1
2012-09-05Refactor serial configuratin; AVR teensy Kconfig now buildspatacongo1-0/+2
2012-09-04Syntax error in last apps/netutils/webserver/Kconfigpatacongo1-2/+2
2012-09-04Enhancements to the uIP web server from Katepatacongo7-33/+261
2012-09-04Fix scrambled Kconfig Make.defs filespatacongo2-11/+22
2012-09-01Remove CONFIG_LIBC_PERROR_DEVNAME. What was I thinking?patacongo1-4/+8
2012-08-31The content for uIP web server demo is no longer canned, but is not built dyn...patacongo24-1003/+587
2012-08-31Fix some places in library where semaphore is not released on error conditionspatacongo2-1/+4
2012-08-30Add configurable application entry pointpatacongo55-579/+376
2012-08-28Add perror()patacongo4-4/+14
2012-08-28Add some protection to the priority inheritance logic when sem_post() is call...patacongo2-2/+15
2012-08-26More patches/bugfixes from Katepatacongo2-1/+3
2012-08-26Add terminating NULL to argv[] listpatacongo2-1/+6
2012-08-26Fix some list handling associated with priority inheritancepatacongo1-2/+12
2012-08-25Prep for 6.21 releasepatacongo1-4/+6
2012-08-14Fixes to apps/*/Make.defs files needed for auto-configuration buildpatacongo9-24/+26
2012-08-12drivers/serial/serial.c open, read, write, and poll methods will not return a...patacongo2-5/+47
2012-08-05I learned how to spell PSEUDOpatacongo3-18/+17
2012-08-04Update NSH documentation; Add option to reduce size of help commnd without co...patacongo2-6/+30
2012-08-04Fix max filename size report by FAT statfs with long file names; Add missing ...patacongo3-82/+255
2012-08-04Add the NSH df commandpatacongo5-32/+92
2012-08-03Extend the NSH mount command so that it will enumerate mountpoints if no argu...patacongo6-231/+410
2012-08-03Improve capability to traverse inodes in the NuttX psuedo-filesystem; now ret...patacongo1-1/+1
2012-08-02Move RAMLOG driver to drivers/syslog; Add ability to output debug information...patacongo3-4/+8
2012-07-30Add support for testing multiple ADC, PWM, and QE devicespatacongo7-65/+299
2012-07-28Lock the scheduler when starting NSH builtin applications to eliminate race c...patacongo3-33/+70
2012-07-28PM update; NSH extension to catch return valuespatacongo3-17/+74
2012-07-24Remove BOTHERpatacongo10-22/+26
2012-07-23Baud definitions (B9600 for example) are again encoded; Now supports the BOTH...patacongo3-48/+26
2012-07-22Don't use strerror in apps/modbus; Add CONFIG_MB_TERMIOS to enable/suppress u...patacongo5-172/+217
2012-07-21Make serial setup configurale in apps/examples/modbuspatacongo2-8/+38
2012-07-21Missed a couple of files in the last check-inpatacongo1-0/+0
2012-07-21Use NuttX types in FreeModBus port; Add FreeModBus demo at apps/examples/modb...patacongo35-415/+1084
2012-07-21FreeModBus now buildspatacongo19-98/+130
2012-07-21Add FreeModBus to NuttX build systempatacongo10-15/+397
2012-07-21FreeModBus is now integrated with the Nuttx configuration systempatacongo22-220/+974
2012-07-21Check-in of initial, unmodified freemodbus-v1.5.0patacongo25-1/+3881
2012-07-19Fix some questionable MAC addressespatacongo13-58/+58
2012-07-17Header file clean-uppatacongo17-90/+140
2012-07-12Prep for release 6.20patacongo1-1/+3
2012-07-11Correct an error in named application priority when SCHED_RR is enabledpatacongo2-17/+56
2012-07-10Fix another LPC43xx pin configuration problempatacongo2-10/+42
2012-06-15Prep for 6.19 releasepatacongo4-9/+17
2012-06-14Improve NFS retry logicpatacongo1-1/+2
2012-06-14Clean up NFS user interface; Fix NFS disconnect bugpatacongo1-3/+1
2012-06-14Minor change to NFS interfacepatacongo1-2/+1
2012-06-14NFS just finished a major weight reduction programpatacongo2-74/+7
2012-06-11Add NSH mv commandpatacongo5-7/+67