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2012-06-15Prep for 6.19 releasepatacongo2-4/+35
2012-05-30Fix error in NxWM makefile that creapt in with recent check-inspatacongo2-1/+4
2012-05-23Various improvements to NxWM hex calculator displaypatacongo4-5/+69
2012-05-23Fix 'make export' target for NxWMpatacongo2-3/+42
2012-05-23Update STM3240G-EVAL defconfig to support NxConsole keyboard input; increase ...patacongo3-8/+23
2012-05-22Hack for font background when we cannot read from the LCD; Candidate fix for ...patacongo4-1/+70
2012-05-22Add some minimal support for precedence of operationspatacongo2-64/+176
2012-05-22CHexCalculator fixes + back out change to CNxtkWindowpatacongo4-18/+22
2012-05-22Add a hex calculator example to NxWMpatacongo13-9/+1478
2012-05-21Some debug garbage was left in the filespatacongo2-7/+2
2012-05-21Add a timeout to the STMPE11 touchscreen driver to catch missing pen up eventspatacongo1-3/+9
2012-05-21Fix NxWM bug: old window being minimized when new window openpatacongo4-14/+22
2012-05-20Updat NxWidgets TODO listpatacongo1-2/+2
2012-05-20Add an NxWM console/keyboard thread and eliminate all issues with NxConsole w...patacongo11-18/+529
2012-05-20NxWM::CNxConsole and NXWidgets::CCallback can now redirect keyboard input to ...patacongo14-23/+251
2012-05-19Prep for 6.18 releasepatacongo7-22/+145
2012-05-19NxWM unit test now appears bug free (other than some NxConsole-related issues).patacongo13-55/+54
2012-05-19NxWM: Add a missing part of the message blocking logicpatacongo17-69/+102
2012-05-18Final refactoring and implementation of delayed window deletion logic. Works...patacongo29-224/+602
2012-05-17Implement an NX interface to block flush message queues in multi-user mode. ...patacongo6-78/+187
2012-05-17Fix a C++ link issue: If constant strings used only in constructor, the don't...patacongo4-11/+28
2012-05-16NxWM: Add IApplicationFactory so that we can create multiple instances of ap...patacongo42-225/+904
2012-05-15NXWidgets::CNxTkWindow must subtract the height of the toolbar (if any) when ...patacongo5-26/+85
2012-05-15NxWidgets: New pre-release event. Action now raised on pre-release. NxWM: Use...patacongo20-42/+133
2012-05-15NxWM::CNxConsole when NSH window is closed by touching toolbar icon, need to ...patacongo1-8/+26
2012-05-15Fix several compiler errors that occur when CONFIG_SCHED_ONEXIT is enabled; o...patacongo4-37/+105
2012-05-14Improved thresholding logic in the STMPE11 driver; NxWM: Oops minimizing wro...patacongo4-4/+5
2012-05-14NxWM: Calibration is now done on a separate thread; Change mechanism for repo...patacongo18-344/+866
2012-05-13Disabled NXTK autoraise; it does not work properly in multi-user mode due to ...patacongo5-60/+60
2012-05-13NXWidgets::CImage needs to catch mouse/touchscreen events; All touchscreen dr...patacongo5-6/+87
2012-05-13NxWM: Fix detection of touch events in the tool bar; Start window should not ...patacongo8-83/+187
2012-05-12NxWM: Fix double deletion of classpatacongo3-4/+12
2012-05-12NxWM: Correct the calculation of the physical dispaly sizepatacongo4-38/+52
2012-05-12Add NxWM::CWindowControl; task bar and start window icons now functionalpatacongo15-310/+403
2012-05-11Fix a few STMPE11 touchscreen and NxWM touchscreen calibration bugspatacongo7-37/+127
2012-05-11SMTPE11 and NxWM touchscreen fixespatacongo4-66/+49
2012-05-11NxWM: Finishes touchscreen implementation; NuttX: Standardize touchscreen ini...patacongo8-105/+615
2012-05-10NX trapezoid fixes; Various NxWM fixespatacongo4-151/+233
2012-05-10More NxWM touchscreen fixespatacongo4-43/+69
2012-05-09Adding beginning of NxWM touchscreen supportpatacongo20-7/+1337
2012-05-09Missed a file in the last checkinpatacongo1-0/+161
2012-05-09NxWidgets: Remove modal loops, Add CWindowEventHandler*. NxWM: Add support ...patacongo35-335/+1466
2012-05-08Integrate the STMPE11 driver into the STM3240G-EVAL board logicpatacongo1-2/+2
2012-05-07Big NxWidgets simplification. Remove all hierarch logic. Widgets now exist ...patacongo11-1651/+22
2012-05-07Various fixes for running the NxWM unit test on the STM3240G-EVALpatacongo5-15/+73
2012-05-07Most fixes to get NxWM working on the STM3240G-EVALpatacongo5-68/+81
2012-05-07NxWidgets: Fix a potential deadlock that can occur waiting for toolbard geome...patacongo3-43/+96
2012-05-07Fix uninitialized pointer in CNxTKWindowpatacongo2-3/+14
2012-05-05Beginning of an SMTPE11 touchscreen/IO expander driverpatacongo1-91/+91
2012-05-04Updated NxWM widgets, several NX, NxWidgets, and NxWM bug fixespatacongo14-91/+471