AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2012-08-24Update STM32 USB OTG FS host driver -- the driver is now marginally functionalpatacongo5-77/+120
2012-08-23Lots of defconfig changes for compatibility with the configuration toolpatacongo188-2657/+2657
2012-08-23STM32 OTG FS host driver: Fix some bad NAK handlingpatacongo1-8/+21
2012-08-23Fixes several STM32 USB OTG FS host MSC write transferspatacongo1-135/+251
2012-08-22STM32 USB OTG FS host driver -- updates for NAK and data toggle fixespatacongo1-135/+134
2012-08-22STM32 USB OTG FS host driver update (almost done)patacongo5-165/+187
2012-08-22PM updatepatacongo1-18/+39
2012-08-21Several more bug fixes for STM32 OTG FS host driverpatacongo8-27/+56
2012-08-21Several bug fixes for STM32 OTG FS host driverpatacongo2-242/+226
2012-08-20Early STM32 USB OTF FS host debug changespatacongo1-45/+58
2012-08-20Changes for good auto-configuration of Micropendous3 boardpatacongo2-9/+9
2012-08-20Changes for clean STM32 USB host driver buildpatacongo11-140/+309
2012-08-20STM32 USB host driver is code compelte (but untested)patacongo2-129/+180
2012-08-20CONFIG_DRAM_END configuration change from Richard Cochranpatacongo171-836/+467
2012-08-20Progress on STM32 OTG FS host driverpatacongo7-229/+854
2012-08-18Move duplicate LCD orieations settings from configs/*/Kconfig to drivers/lcd/...patacongo4-124/+42
2012-08-18STM32 USB host driver updatepatacongo2-44/+967
2012-08-17More STM32 USB host logicpatacongo2-539/+923
2012-08-17Remove 'sudo' from Makefilespatacongo2-2/+2
2012-08-17Auto-configuration updates from Richard Cochranpatacongo8-22/+85
2012-08-16Evolving STM32 USB host supportpatacongo5-950/+199
2012-08-16mkconfig now calculates DRAM_END if not providedpatacongo3-4/+13
2012-08-15A little more STM32 USB host logicpatacongo4-11/+127
2012-08-15Some repartitioning of STM32 functionality to better support a USB host driverpatacongo12-38/+195
2012-08-14Fixes to apps/*/Make.defs files needed for auto-configuration buildpatacongo10-24/+30
2012-08-14Revise recent changes to serial driver error handling: Errors other than EIN...patacongo5-31/+48
2012-08-13Make the lib/ subdirectory build more like other directoriespatacongo21-102/+200
2012-08-13Fix bad AVR C++ include paths; remove stray typo from ctypes.hpatacongo9-18/+22
2012-08-12Define NULL to be (0) for C++patacongo2-3/+8
2012-08-12drivers/serial/serial.c open, read, write, and poll methods will not return a...patacongo19-120/+385
2012-08-10Back out the last STM32 DMA priority change. It is not necessary; just dropp...patacongo3-4/+7
2012-08-10Drop STM32 F2/4 SDIO clock from 24 to 16 MHz. Seems to fix SD accesses on ST...patacongo5-4/+10
2012-08-10STM32 SDIO DMA setup was losing DMA prioritypatacongo5-7/+64
2012-08-10Add support for Olimex STM32-P107 board (contributed by Max Holtzberg)patacongo29-139/+3732
2012-08-08STM32 CAN TX/RX pins reversed; inconsistent conditional compilationpatacongo8-46/+47
2012-08-07Add a USB0 device header file for LPC43patacongo10-705/+801
2012-08-07Update documentation to describe customization of NSH; Add the framework for ...patacongo6-18/+3599
2012-08-06Misc updates (minor)patacongo4-11/+14
2012-08-06Fix more floating point formatting bugspatacongo3-38/+103
2012-08-06Fix a floating point presentation errorpatacongo3-217/+102
2012-08-05I learned how to spell PSEUDOpatacongo35-1645/+1644
2012-08-04Update NSH documentation; Add option to reduce size of help commnd without co...patacongo3-9/+52
2012-08-04Fix max filename size report by FAT statfs with long file names; Add missing ...patacongo9-123/+408
2012-08-04Add the NSH df commandpatacongo6-96/+196
2012-08-03Extend the NSH mount command so that it will enumerate mountpoints if no argu...patacongo11-308/+495
2012-08-03Improve capability to traverse inodes in the NuttX psuedo-filesystem; now ret...patacongo12-74/+710
2012-08-03Add capability to traverse inodes in the NuttX psuedo-filesystempatacongo23-97/+460
2012-08-03STM32 PM updatepatacongo1-3/+16
2012-08-03STM32 PM updatepatacongo3-5/+5