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@@ -169,71 +169,3 @@ config ARCH_BZERO
bool "bzero"
default n
- bool "Customize header files"
- default n
- ---help---
- The architecture may provide custom versions of certain
- standard header files
- bool "stdbool.h"
- default n
- ---help---
- The stdbool.h header file can be found at nuttx/include/stdbool.h.
- However, that header includes logic to redirect the inclusion of an
- architecture specific header file like:
- # include <arch/stdbool.h>
- #else
- ...
- #endif
- Recall that that include path, include/arch, is a symbolic link and
- will refer to a version of stdbool.h at nuttx/arch/<architecture>/include/stdbool.h.
-config ARCH_MATH_H
- bool "math.h"
- default n
- ---help---
- There is also a re-directing version of math.h in the source tree.
- However, it resides out-of-the-way at include/nuttx/math.h because it
- conflicts too often with the system math.h. If ARCH_MATH_H=y is
- defined, however, the top-level makefile will copy the redirecting
- math.h header file from include/nuttx/math.h to include/math.h. math.h
- will then include the architecture-specific version of math.h that you
- must provide at nuttx/arch/>architecture</include/math.h.
- # include <arch/math.h>
- #endif
- So for the architectures that define ARCH_MATH_H=y, include/math.h
- will be the redirecting math.h header file; for the architectures
- that don't select ARCH_MATH_H, the redirecting math.h header file
- will stay out-of-the-way in include/nuttx/.
- bool "stdarg.h"
- default n
- ---help---
- There is also a redirecting version of stdarg.h in the source tree
- as well. It also resides out-of-the-way at include/nuttx/stdarg.h.
- This is because you should normally use your toolchain's stdarg.h
- file. But sometimes, your toolchain's stdarg.h file may have other
- header file dependencies and so may not be usable in the NuttX build
- environment. In those cases, you may have to create a architecture-
- specific stdarg.h header file at nuttx/arch/<architecture>/include/stdarg.h
- If ARCH_STDARG_H=y is defined, the top-level makefile will copy the
- re-directing stdarg.h header file from include/nuttx/stdarg.h to
- include/stdarg.h. So for the architectures that cannot use their
- toolchain's stdarg.h file, they can use this alternative by defining
- ARCH_STDARG_H=y and providing. If ARCH_STDARG_H, is not defined, then
- the stdarg.h header file will stay out-of-the-way in include/nuttx/.