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2019-12-16usb: Import a variety of libusb utility functions from simtraceHarald Welte1-1/+377
Those functions were originally developed as part of simtrace; let's import them to libosmousb as they are truly generic. Change-Id: I2c18b938e4e1ea5b8a521a386f00db3a7389e47a Related: OS#4299
2019-12-16libosmocore libusb integrationHarald Welte1-0/+137
Osmocom applications typically use libosmocore select.[ch] event loop code as their main event dispatch mechanism. When they want to deal with libusb in a non-blocking/asynchronous way, they need to integrate libusb into that select(). The new libosmousb is doing exactly that: Providing a shared utility library for Osmocom programs that wish to use libusb. This is useful for example in simtrace2 host utilitie as well as osmo-e1d. Change-Id: I656a1a38cbb5b1f3a9145d2869d3b4d0adefcae3 Closes: OS#4299