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features: move bts feature related functionality to libosmocore
osmo-bsc and osmo-bts share enums and value strings to describe feature data that is exchanged via OML (manufacturer id) on startup. Also the functions to set and get the respecitive bits in the feature bitvectors are in osmo-bsc and osmo-bts. This is a code duplication and should be resolved. - add enum osmo_bts_features (replaces enum gsm_bts_features) - add osmo_bts_features_descs (replaces gsm_bts_features_descs) - add osmo_bts_set_feature (replaces gsm_btsmodel_set_feature) - add osmo_bts_has_feature (replaces gsm_btsmodel_has_feature) Change-Id: Id0c35aef11aa49aa40abe7deef1f9dbd12210776
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