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initial support for static userspace probes via systemtap
This adds a --enable-systemtap configure option, which will then add static tracepoints to the generated libosmocore binary. At this point, only two tracepoints are supported: log_start and log_done. They can be used to trace the amount of time a libosmocore-using application spends in potentiall blocking calls to log to stderr or to files. Related: OS#4311 Change-Id: I7e1ab664241deb524c9582cbd1bec31af46c747e
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+.PHONY: clean-local install-data-hook uninstall-local
+EXTRA_DIST = libosmocore.stp
+all-local: $(TAPSET_FILES)
+ @list='$(TAPSET_FILES)'; for p in $$list; do \
+ echo " rm -f '$(TAPSET_INSTALL_DIR)/$$p'"; \
+ rm -f "$(TAPSET_INSTALL_DIR)/$$p"; \
+ done