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authorPablo Neira Ayuso <pablo@gnumonks.org>2011-03-22 16:36:13 +0100
committerHarald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>2011-03-23 18:09:28 +0100
commit834193484439acd6056a891e9b2df5992a370088 (patch)
treee31e73e1364119617416273610f7b851c89d25c4 /include/osmocom/gsm/gsm48_ie.h
parentfba495e5f6084800c076e0ecae990ed9e6483530 (diff)
include: reorganize headers file to include/osmocom/[gsm|core]0.2.0
This patch moves all GSM-specific definitions to include/osmocom/gsm. Moreover, the headers in include/osmocore/ have been moved to include/osmocom/core. This has been proposed by Harald Welte and Sylvain Munaunt. Tested with `make distcheck'. Signed-off-by: Pablo Neira Ayuso <pablo@gnumonks.org>
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1 files changed, 117 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/include/osmocom/gsm/gsm48_ie.h b/include/osmocom/gsm/gsm48_ie.h
new file mode 100644
index 00000000..f4fce25c
--- /dev/null
+++ b/include/osmocom/gsm/gsm48_ie.h
@@ -0,0 +1,117 @@
+#ifndef _OSMOCORE_GSM48_IE_H
+#define _OSMOCORE_GSM48_IE_H
+#include <stdint.h>
+#include <string.h>
+#include <errno.h>
+#include <osmocom/core/msgb.h>
+#include <osmocom/gsm/tlv.h>
+#include <osmocom/gsm/mncc.h>
+#include <osmocom/gsm/protocol/gsm_04_08.h>
+/* decode a 'called/calling/connect party BCD number' as in */
+int gsm48_decode_bcd_number(char *output, int output_len,
+ const uint8_t *bcd_lv, int h_len);
+/* convert a ASCII phone number to 'called/calling/connect party BCD number' */
+int gsm48_encode_bcd_number(uint8_t *bcd_lv, uint8_t max_len,
+ int h_len, const char *input);
+/* decode 'bearer capability' */
+int gsm48_decode_bearer_cap(struct gsm_mncc_bearer_cap *bcap,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'bearer capability' */
+int gsm48_encode_bearer_cap(struct msgb *msg, int lv_only,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_bearer_cap *bcap);
+/* decode 'call control cap' */
+int gsm48_decode_cccap(struct gsm_mncc_cccap *ccap, const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'call control cap' */
+int gsm48_encode_cccap(struct msgb *msg,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_cccap *ccap);
+/* decode 'called party BCD number' */
+int gsm48_decode_called(struct gsm_mncc_number *called,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'called party BCD number' */
+int gsm48_encode_called(struct msgb *msg,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_number *called);
+/* decode callerid of various IEs */
+int gsm48_decode_callerid(struct gsm_mncc_number *callerid,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode callerid of various IEs */
+int gsm48_encode_callerid(struct msgb *msg, int ie, int max_len,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_number *callerid);
+/* decode 'cause' */
+int gsm48_decode_cause(struct gsm_mncc_cause *cause,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'cause' */
+int gsm48_encode_cause(struct msgb *msg, int lv_only,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_cause *cause);
+/* decode 'calling number' */
+int gsm48_decode_calling(struct gsm_mncc_number *calling,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'calling number' */
+int gsm48_encode_calling(struct msgb *msg,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_number *calling);
+/* decode 'connected number' */
+int gsm48_decode_connected(struct gsm_mncc_number *connected,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'connected number' */
+int gsm48_encode_connected(struct msgb *msg,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_number *connected);
+/* decode 'redirecting number' */
+int gsm48_decode_redirecting(struct gsm_mncc_number *redirecting,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'redirecting number' */
+int gsm48_encode_redirecting(struct msgb *msg,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_number *redirecting);
+/* decode 'facility' */
+int gsm48_decode_facility(struct gsm_mncc_facility *facility,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'facility' */
+int gsm48_encode_facility(struct msgb *msg, int lv_only,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_facility *facility);
+/* decode 'notify' */
+int gsm48_decode_notify(int *notify, const uint8_t *v);
+/* encode 'notify' */
+int gsm48_encode_notify(struct msgb *msg, int notify);
+/* decode 'signal' */
+int gsm48_decode_signal(int *signal, const uint8_t *v);
+/* encode 'signal' */
+int gsm48_encode_signal(struct msgb *msg, int signal);
+/* decode 'keypad' */
+int gsm48_decode_keypad(int *keypad, const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'keypad' */
+int gsm48_encode_keypad(struct msgb *msg, int keypad);
+/* decode 'progress' */
+int gsm48_decode_progress(struct gsm_mncc_progress *progress,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'progress' */
+int gsm48_encode_progress(struct msgb *msg, int lv_only,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_progress *p);
+/* decode 'user-user' */
+int gsm48_decode_useruser(struct gsm_mncc_useruser *uu,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'useruser' */
+int gsm48_encode_useruser(struct msgb *msg, int lv_only,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_useruser *uu);
+/* decode 'ss version' */
+int gsm48_decode_ssversion(struct gsm_mncc_ssversion *ssv,
+ const uint8_t *lv);
+/* encode 'ss version' */
+int gsm48_encode_ssversion(struct msgb *msg,
+ const struct gsm_mncc_ssversion *ssv);
+/* decode 'more data' does not require a function, because it has no value */
+/* encode 'more data' */
+int gsm48_encode_more(struct msgb *msg);
+/* structure of one frequency */
+struct gsm_sysinfo_freq {
+ /* if the frequency included in the sysinfo */
+ uint8_t mask;
+/* decode "Cell Channel Description" ( and other frequency lists */
+int gsm48_decode_freq_list(struct gsm_sysinfo_freq *f, uint8_t *cd,
+ uint8_t len, uint8_t mask, uint8_t frqt);