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authorHolger Hans Peter Freyther <holger@moiji-mobile.com>2016-04-29 21:24:48 +0200
committerHolger Hans Peter Freyther <holger@moiji-mobile.com>2016-04-29 21:24:48 +0200
commit3a96d2837c2d5648692737ad5ddcc3893e12e913 (patch)
parenteea18a6f29a04706877f4e888818a826f0dcc93a (diff)
conv_gen: Use python2 to execute the script
The script does not work with python3: $ python3 utils/conv_gen.py File "utils/conv_gen.py", line 124 def _print_term(self, fi, num_states, pack = False): Second there is no 'python' on FreeBSD and one needs to select the major version to use. GEN conv_cs3_gen.c GEN conv_xcch_gen.c GEN conv_cs2_gen.c python: not found python: not found python: not found By using python2 we solve both issues. On Debian python2 is located inside the python-minimal package.
2 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/src/gsm/Makefile.am b/src/gsm/Makefile.am
index 1b186b1e..7f5fa25b 100644
--- a/src/gsm/Makefile.am
+++ b/src/gsm/Makefile.am
@@ -37,4 +37,4 @@ libosmogsm_la_LIBADD = libgsmint.la
EXTRA_DIST = libosmogsm.map
conv%gen.c: ../../utils/conv_gen.py
- $(AM_V_GEN)python ../../utils/conv_gen.py
+ $(AM_V_GEN)python2 ../../utils/conv_gen.py
diff --git a/utils/conv_gen.py b/utils/conv_gen.py
index 1377fcae..bb547de8 100644
--- a/utils/conv_gen.py
+++ b/utils/conv_gen.py
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
mod_license = """