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2018-08-15bladerf: update bladerf to catch up with libbladeRFHEADmasterRobert Ghilduta2-21/+22
2018-08-15bladeRF: add support for biastee on bladeRF microRey Tucker4-0/+54
2018-08-15bladerf: remove vestigial mapRey Tucker1-12/+0
2018-08-15bladerf: use bladerf_get_channel_count where availableRey Tucker1-9/+5
2018-08-15bladerf: compatibility with older libbladeRFRey Tucker4-6/+174
Implement compatibility with older libbladeRF versions
2018-08-15bladerf: add support for MIMORey Tucker6-1123/+1665
Squashed commit of rtucker-bladerf-hierarchy branch: commit 35442da7d390919f6f9cbae3f69d6dc32ca595bb through commit 9026136cfdbc7116f55af18cb06d1731330fa13f
2018-08-15bladerf_common: tweak buffer/transfer settingsRey Tucker1-4/+11
Based on experimentation, a good value for transfers seems to be 16, but more buffers are definitely warranted for an optimal default experience.
2018-08-15bladerf: add set_rx_mux_mode functionalityRyan Tucker2-1/+40
Also plumb through as rxmux= device argument
2018-08-15bladerf: add firmware loopback modeRyan Tucker1-0/+2
2018-08-15bladerf_common: add agc= option to set gain modeRyan Tucker1-0/+10
2018-08-15bladerf: use nchan option to enable multi-channelsRyan Tucker4-52/+52
By default, the bladeRF source and sink will expose 1 channel, unless nchan is set, in which case it will expose either that number of channels, or the number of channels supported by the device if lesser. If nchan > 1 (after validation), MIMO mode is enabled.
2018-08-15bladerf: fix get_gain_names populationRyan Tucker1-9/+9
Instead of haphazardly iterating through the gain strings, just use the count returned.
2018-08-15bladerf: formatting/style fixes on .h filesRyan Tucker3-98/+99
2018-08-15bladerf: formatting/consistency fixesRyan Tucker3-602/+645
2018-08-15bladerf_common: formatting/whitespace/consistencyRyan Tucker1-352/+395
2018-08-15bladerf: replace bladerf_module with bladerf_directionRyan Tucker4-87/+60
More closely matches the handling in the API
2018-08-15bladerf_common: cleanup on set_gain_modeRyan Tucker1-15/+4
Turns out that source/sink_impl already handle the AGC->MGC gain preservation, so this was redundant and counterproductive. Also DRY the code a bit.
2018-08-15bladeRF: fix identification of channelsRyan Tucker2-29/+30
2018-08-15bladeRF: remove set_bb_gainRyan Tucker6-20/+0
This is not meaningful with bladeRF hardware
2018-08-15update copyright datesRey Tucker6-6/+6
2018-08-15formatting/wording tweaksRey Tucker1-3/+4
2018-08-15bladerf2: add get_gain_mode and set_gain_modeRyan Tucker1-4/+42
2018-08-15WIP: libbladeRF rev2 refactoring etcRyan Tucker3-63/+82
2018-08-15WIP: more port workRyan Tucker4-60/+77
2018-08-15bladerf: initial support for new bladeRF hardwareRey Tucker6-299/+344
Relies on some new libbladeRF API calls. Has been tested with gqrx on new bladeRF hardware (as a source) but have not yet tested sink, or existing bladeRF hardware.
2018-08-15link with pthreads only when using gccJosh Blum1-1/+5
Fix from c98be5dd for MSVC which does not require pthreads for boost threading library. Under gcc -pthread adds support for multithreading with the pthreads library.
2018-08-15Merge branch 'master' of git.osmocom.org:gr-osmosdrDimitri Stolnikov1-0/+2
2018-06-17Fix compilation with boost-1.67Maxime Vincent1-0/+2
Signed-off-by: Steve Markgraf <steve@steve-m.de>
2017-06-14Remove workaround for gnuradio bug #528 as it has been fixed in Stolnikov3-80/+7
2017-06-12Merge branch 'master' of git.osmocom.org:gr-osmosdrDimitri Stolnikov2-4/+54
2017-06-11freesrp: whitespace fixesDimitri Stolnikov1-133/+133
2017-06-11FreeSRP: Add support for multiple devices in get_devicesLukas Lao Beyer1-9/+9
2017-06-11rtl,rtl_tcp: add bias=0|1 parameter to switch off|on bias voltage onDimitri Stolnikov3-4/+21
2017-06-11rtl_tcp: delete LUT table in destructorDimitri Stolnikov1-0/+1
2017-06-11RTL-TCP: Convert to single class modelKrzysztof Halasa3-76/+309
The existing RTL TCP driver is quite different from its brother RTL_SDR. It's much more complicated, uses gr::blocks::deinterleave and gr::blocks::float_to_complex, and generally doesn't work correctly (e.g. https://github.com/csete/gqrx/issues/99 Spectrum is mirrored when filter or demodulator changes (rtl_tcp) #99) I've converted the RTL TCP driver to the model used by RTL_SDR, simplifying it in the process, and fixing the GQRX issue.
2017-06-11RTL-SDR: convert _lut to float[] to reduce size by a factor of 256Krzysztof Halasa2-15/+8
The _lut is being indexed by I + Q (16 bits = 65536 entries), however both samples can be processed independently, resulting in 8-bit LUT. Saves a bit of RAM and CPU cache.
2017-04-21soapy - correct constant for frequency correctionsoapy_supportJosh Blum2-4/+4
This is a typo, some modules use the "CORR" string in the setFrequency(dir, chan, name, value) API to perform fine frequency adjustments. Updated modules will use setFrequencyCorrection(), this is support for backwards compatible implementations.
2017-04-18soapy: support set/getFrequencyCorrection() APIJosh Blum2-0/+16
backwards compatible changes with #ifdef set/get_freq_corr() call directly into the SoapySDR equivalent when supported by the API version.
2017-04-18soapy: support newer getSampleRateRange() API callJosh Blum2-0/+14
Switch to the newer API call which can provide a list of ranges. There are feature detection ifdefs provided by the library so that code will always correctly compile.
2017-04-18soapy - check for freq corr before invokingJosh Blum2-4/+24
set_freq_corr() is often a NOP for devices. checking avoids crashes for some applications (ex GQRX)
2017-04-18Add support for FreeSRPLukas Lao Beyer21-0/+2716
This patch adds support for both receiving and transmitting using the FreeSRP. More information on the FreeSRP can be found at: http://freesrp.org The gr-osmosdr blocks added make use of libfreesrp, the library required for interfacing with this device. The libfreesrp source code is freely available at https://github.com/freesrp/libfreesrp Usage example: osmocom_fft -a "freesrp"
2017-02-27bladerf: discover and use VolkDimitri Stolnikov2-1/+3
2017-02-27bladeRF: Use VOLK for type conversionSylvain Munaut2-19/+7
Signed-off-by: Sylvain Munaut <tnt@246tNt.com>
2017-02-27rfspace: use boost::chrono for sleepingDimitri Stolnikov1-1/+3
2017-02-27hackrf: correct gcc6 warningsDimitri Stolnikov2-20/+34
2017-02-27airspy: correct gcc6 warningsDimitri Stolnikov1-7/+18
2017-02-27rtl, rtl_tcp: Use std::abs.Alexandru Csete2-2/+2
Fixes compile error on Mac OS X.
2017-02-27Custom FIR kernels for Airspy.Alexandru Csete2-1/+149
2017-02-27rfspace: Send periodic keep-alive packets.Alexandru Csete2-0/+37
This patch enables sending keep-alive packets at 1 minute interval to RFSpace networked radios. Without this the TCP connection to the radio is closed after about 5 minutes (by the OS?).
2017-02-27rfspace: Wait 10 ms before sending queries to device.Alexandru Csete1-0/+1
This is necessary to esatablish a working connection to the RFSpace CloudIQ. Without this delay the radio will not be ready and we never receive any response to the queries and the radio will close the connection after 5 seconds.