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2015-05-21Changed eample to a working one. The signal file is available here: https://d...ptrkrysik1-37/+37
2015-05-20Added an example for decoding TCH/F channels - it doesn't work yet.ptrkrysik1-0/+1096
2015-01-03Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mrjacobagilbert/gr-gsm into mrjac...ptrkrysik1-0/+1
2014-12-15Added example of usage of new experimental blocks (components for a new recei...ptrkrysik1-100/+6
2014-12-13Slightly reorganized layout of GRC flographs to be consistant with snap-to-gr...Jacob Gilbert1-1480/+241
2014-12-13Added example showing that python blocks for new experimental gsm receiver ca...ptrkrysik2-0/+2786
2014-11-20Moved applications from examples to apps. Changed their names to airprobe_...ptrkrysik3-3790/+0
2014-11-19Added new configurable block for demapping of control channels.ptrkrysik3-308/+869
2014-11-06Added capability to receive multiple channels of a single BTS to the receiver...ptrkrysik3-536/+1001
2014-10-30First step to add multichannel capability to the GSM receiver. At this moment...ptrkrysik1-345/+345
2014-08-13Changed directory structure.Piotr K4-1098/+625
2014-08-13Update of READMEsPiotr K1-4/+0
2014-08-13Update of installation procedure in READMEPiotr K1-0/+567
2014-08-07removed *.py files from examplesPiotr K1-183/+0
2014-08-07Changed orientation of clock offset controllerPiotr K2-301/+334
2014-08-07Cosmetic changes in the receiver_filePiotr K1-171/+171
2014-08-06Changes in examples resulting from change of the clock offset corrector inputpiotr3-564/+564
2014-08-06Removed py files from examplespiotr3-317/+1
2014-08-06Changes to make clock_offset_corrector install and work on other machinespiotr2-200/+414
2014-08-06Changes in examplespiotr5-281/+522
2014-08-06Cleanup in examples directorypiotr5-712/+1381
2014-08-06Removed the receiver with channelizerpiotr1-1116/+0
2014-08-04Changes in the simple usrp receiver examplepiotr1-147/+233
2014-07-20Added typical signalization channels (CCCH, BCCH, SDCCH) decoder and demapper...piotr3-245/+466
2014-07-20Removed gnuradio-companion generated python file from examplespiotr1-208/+0
2014-07-08Added new blocks written in python for new experimental gsm receiver.piotr1-0/+567
2014-04-17Added gnuradio-companion examplespiotr4-0/+2463
2014-02-04Initial commit - gsm-receiver with removed quick hackspiotr1-0/+4