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2008-12-10Merged revisions 162667 via svnmerge from mmichelson1-1/+1
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2008-08-12Merged revisions 137299 via svnmerge from russell1-10/+3
2008-07-31git-svn-id: http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/branches/1.6.0@134806 f38db490...russell1-1/+1
2008-07-13Merged revisions 130578 via svnmerge from mvanbaak1-2/+4
2008-07-13Merged revisions 130479 via svnmerge from mvanbaak1-1/+1
2008-07-07Merged revisions 128599 via svnmerge from mmichelson1-1/+1
2008-07-02Merged revisions 126226,126513 via svnmerge from seanbright1-15/+5
2008-06-17Goodbye Zaptel, hello DAHDI. Removes Zaptel driver support with DAHDI. Config...jpeeler13-44/+44
2008-03-06Merged revisions 106186 via svnmerge from russell1-0/+14
2008-02-15Merged revisions 103722 via svnmerge from mmichelson1-1/+4
2008-02-15Same changes as made to 1.4 in revision 103710mmichelson1-4/+2
2008-02-14Trunk version of 1.4's imap documentation updatesmmichelson1-8/+21
2008-01-28Reintroduce more chan_vpb stuff that was removed in r100421 and r100422qwell1-0/+1
2008-01-25Get rid of that last little bit.qwell1-1/+0
2008-01-22Documentation updates for BRIDGEPVTCALLIDoej1-2/+4
2008-01-17Update res_phoneprov to default to setting the SERVER variable to the IPtwilson1-9/+15
2008-01-14Update documentation.file2-2/+5
2008-01-11Add some extra checking to help out with a potential error when trying torussell1-0/+9
2008-01-09Added a new module, res_phoneprov, which allows auto-provisioning of phonestwilson2-1/+305
2008-01-07Adding user-configurable TCP timeout settings to IMAP voicemail. This couldmmichelson1-0/+4
2007-12-21Merging the queue-penalty branch. In short, this allows one to dynamically ad...mmichelson1-0/+1
2007-12-16HUGE improvements to QoS/CoS handling by IgorGoej1-66/+85
2007-11-20Merged revisions 89450 via svnmerge from murf1-10/+3
2007-11-19Merged revisions 89416 via svnmerge from file1-5/+5
2007-11-07Adding documentation regarding imapfolder, imapgreetings, and greetingsfolder...mmichelson1-0/+14
2007-11-06Added the S() and L() options to the MeetMe application. These are prettyrussell1-6/+9
2007-11-02Fix replacing the version number when it has a '/' in it, likerussell1-1/+1
2007-10-15Switch dundi to new tos config format.qwell1-3/+1
2007-10-15add TOUCH_MONITOR_PREF to the channel var docsrussell1-0/+1
2007-10-15Another major doc directory update from IgorG. This patch includesrussell21-458/+640
2007-10-14When merging the last documentation update, I forgot to "svn add" a file.russell1-0/+217
2007-10-12Trying to finish the last of the charge_number patch up #10916mattf1-0/+1
2007-10-12Many doc directory improvements, including:russell16-292/+365
2007-10-09Add jitterbuffer support for chan_local. To enable it, you use the 'j' optionrussell1-0/+2
2007-10-03Create a universal exception handling extension, "e" (closes issue #9785)tilghman1-0/+8
2007-08-28(closes issue #7852)russell1-1/+7
2007-08-01Add the Ring time in the CONNECT on the queue_log and on the Manager event Ag...qwell1-2/+3