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2010-08-31Merged revisions 284318 via svnmerge from lmadsen1-2/+9
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2010-08-11Merged revisions 281764 via svnmerge from lmadsen1-3/+54
2010-07-07Merged revisions 274417 via svnmerge from tilghman1-0/+9
2010-06-23Add localization support for Spanishpabelanger1-0/+37
2010-03-17Merged revisions 253018 via svnmerge from lmadsen1-0/+32
2009-05-28Remove a bunch of trailing whitespace in preparation for reformatting/cleanup.seanbright1-115/+115
2009-05-28Remove a bunch of trailing whitespace in preparation for reformatting/cleanup.seanbright1-113/+113
2007-07-20Add support for default "say mode" (whether to use the "old" method or "new" ...qwell1-1/+6
2007-05-02Add Hungarian language support to say.c and say.conf.russell1-0/+24
2007-01-20Merged revisions 51350 via svnmerge from qwell1-1/+1
2007-01-20Merged revisions 51348 via svnmerge from qwell1-3/+3
2006-05-10german syntax for numbers from christian richterrizzo1-1/+22
2006-04-21update configuration, generalize date format andrizzo1-52/+73
2006-04-19add example syntax for new-style number and date spellingrizzo1-0/+129