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2009-05-21Const-ify the world (or at least a good part of it)kpfleming1-2/+2
2008-10-09(closes issue #13557)murf1-7/+7
2008-06-29make this compile after ast_frame's data field changed to a unionrizzo1-5/+5
2008-01-01prevent a panic when destroying a channel with no incoming video.rizzo1-1/+3
2007-12-29Move grabbers definitions to a separate file, vgrabbers.c, so it is easierrizzo1-0/+16
2007-12-28change the interface of video encapsulation routines, they onlyrizzo1-27/+128
2007-12-28various rearrangements and renaming of console_video stuffrizzo1-4/+120
2007-12-26more preparation for untangling of the various console_video stuffrizzo1-1/+10
2007-12-26Split console_video.c so that video codecs and gui functionsrizzo1-0/+1009