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2009-08-18git-svn-id: http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/tags/1.2.3@212958 f38db490-d61...v1.2.3kpfleming11-9/+23
2006-01-25importing ChangeLog, .version, and .lastclean for 1.2.3 releaserussell3-0/+1145
2006-01-25Creating tag for the release of asterisk-1.2.3russell0-0/+0
2006-01-25Issue #6439 - the "timebomb" bug. Patch by Markster over GPRSoej1-5/+8
2006-01-25don't leak almost 200 bytes for each new channel (issue #6330)russell1-0/+1
2006-01-25ensure hangup cause code is handled properly when channel does not return a f...kpfleming1-0/+1
2006-01-24completely arbitrary whitespace change for testing something with svnmerge ...russell1-0/+1
2006-01-24ensure that channel cannot become zombie after we check but before we try to ...kpfleming1-2/+4
2006-01-24Backport fix for #6229, hangup on polarity reversalmattf1-0/+4
2006-01-24Issue 6114: Don't hangup on BYE/ALSO with no channel.oej1-1/+2
2006-01-24Issue #6308 - never send response to ACK. (Reported by whiskerp)oej1-2/+4
2006-01-22fix memory leak from not freeing the queue member list when freeing an old queuerussell1-44/+45
2006-01-22fix MixMonitor crash (issue #6321, probably others)russell1-1/+1
2006-01-22 Bug fix: Correct some scenarios where CALL_LIMIT could not be getting adjust...bweschke1-1/+5
2006-01-22Bug 6281 - Cannot set more than a single header with SIPAddHeadertilghman1-9/+4
2006-01-22add a modified fix to prevent writing outside of the provided workspace when russell1-25/+23
2006-01-21temporarily revert substring fix pending the result of the discussion in issu...russell1-20/+26
2006-01-21prevent the possibility of writing outside of the available workspace (issue ...russell1-26/+20
2006-01-21Bug 5936 - AddQueueMember fails on realtime queue, if queue not yet loadedtilghman1-60/+91
2006-01-20fix invalid value of prev_q (issue #6302)russell1-5/+2
2006-01-20solved problem with delayreject and iax trunkingmogorman1-4/+6
2006-01-19Enable "musicclass" setting for sip peers as per the config sample.oej1-1/+1
2006-01-19Bug 6072 - Memory leaks in the expression parsertilghman2-17/+52
2006-01-19fix Message-Account header to use the ip address if the fromdomain russell1-1/+2
2006-01-19fix a seg fault due to assuming that space gets allocatted on the stack in therussell1-8/+7
2006-01-18Solves issue with the login proccess in meetmemogorman1-1/+2
2006-01-18remove ChangeLog from the 1.2 branch. It will only be present in the tags.russell1-448/+0
2006-01-18Changed order of autoload so that pbx_ comes beforemogorman1-1/+1
2006-01-17Stop any generators running on a channel whenmogorman1-1/+2
2006-01-17Backport of fix for #6094mattf1-4/+6
2006-01-17Fixed code ordering of logger_init and queue_log_initmogorman1-4/+4
2006-01-17update CLI copyright noticekpfleming1-1/+1
2006-01-16do rlimit check _after_ reading config file, in case 'dumpcore' is specified ...kpfleming1-4/+4
2006-01-14Bug 6238 - Fix segfault when delimiter not specifiedtilghman1-2/+6
2006-01-13fix spelling errors (issue #6227)russell1-7/+7
2006-01-12Bug 6211 - Add option deletevoicemail as equivalent to option delete for Real...tilghman2-2/+3
2006-01-11move variable to correct scope (issue #6197)russell1-1/+1
2006-01-11fix temp greetings with ODBC storage (issue #6078)russell1-1/+3
2006-01-11fix mem leak on module unload (issue #6190)russell1-1/+0
2006-01-11don't override an error condition that occurred when acting on the primary ch...russell1-2/+6
2006-01-11lock list of translators *before* recalculating the translation matrixrussell1-1/+1
2006-01-11Minor typo refrenced in 6191mogorman1-1/+1
2006-01-11fix locking error - lock instead of unlockrussell1-1/+1
2006-01-11fix a little typorussell1-1/+1
2006-01-11Bug 6192 - behave correctly when mailbox is specified as argumenttilghman1-3/+7
2006-01-10- Adding reference to README.tdsoej1-19/+21
2006-01-09re-initialize _all_ sequence numbers when transfer completeskpfleming1-2/+3
2006-01-09add missing unlock (issue #6112)russell1-0/+1
2006-01-09Bug 6157 - Memory leaktilghman1-1/+2
2006-01-09Update variable documentation to match the codetilghman1-13/+13