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+#!/bin/sh -e
+echo "***"
+echo "This script will download the Global IP Solutions iLBC encoder/decoder"
+echo "source code from http://ilbcfreeware.org. Use of this code requires"
+echo "agreeing to the license agreement present at that site."
+echo ""
+echo "This script assumes that you have already agreed to the license agreement."
+echo "If you have not done so, you can abort the script now."
+echo "***"
+wget -P codecs/ilbc http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3951.txt
+wget -P codecs/ilbc http://www.ilbcfreeware.org/documentation/extract-cfile.awk
+(cd codecs/ilbc && awk -f extract-cfile.awk rfc3951.txt)
+echo "***"
+echo "The iLBC source code download is complete."
+echo "***"