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@@ -1,45 +0,0 @@
-echo "Enter Voicemail Context of the mailbox you are creating."
-echo "The context is the value between the square brackets in"
-echo "the voicemail.conf file."
-echo "(DEFAULT: default)"
-echo -n "Voicemail Context: "
-read context
-echo "Enter the Mailbox number of the voicemail box you are creating."
-echo -n "Mailbox Number: "
-read mailbox
-if [ ! -e "${VMHOME}/${context}" ]
- then
- echo
- echo "New Voicemail context.."
- echo "Creating Voicemail context directory..."
- mkdir -p ${VMHOME}/${context}
-echo "Creating Voicemail directory..."
-mkdir -p ${VMHOME}/${context}/${mailbox}
-echo "Creating INBOX..."
-mkdir -p ${VMHOME}/${context}/${mailbox}/INBOX
-echo "Creating Default greetings..."
-cat ${SNDHOME}/vm-theperson.gsm > ${VMHOME}/${context}/${mailbox}/unavail.gsm
-cat ${SNDHOME}/vm-theperson.gsm > ${VMHOME}/${context}/${mailbox}/busy.gsm
-cat ${SNDHOME}/vm-extension.gsm > ${VMHOME}/${context}/${mailbox}/greet.gsm
-nums=`echo $mailbox | sed 's/./ \0/g'`
-for x in $nums; do
- cat ${SNDHOME}/digits/${x}.gsm >> ${VMHOME}/${context}/${mailbox}/unavail.gsm
- cat ${SNDHOME}/digits/${x}.gsm >> ${VMHOME}/${context}/${mailbox}/busy.gsm
- cat ${SNDHOME}/digits/${x}.gsm >> ${VMHOME}/${context}/${mailbox}/greet.gsm
-cat ${SNDHOME}/vm-isunavail.gsm >> ${VMHOME}/${context}/${mailbox}/unavail.gsm
-cat ${SNDHOME}/vm-isonphone.gsm >> ${VMHOME}/${context}/${mailbox}/busy.gsm
-echo "Complete."