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; If static is set to no, or omitted, then the pbx_config will rewrite
; this file when extensions are modified. Remember that all comments
-; made in the file will be lost when that happens.
+; made in the file will be lost when that happens.
+; XXX Not yet implemented XXX
; Remote things always ring all phones first.
; Local stuff
; Special extension for local phone numbers, long distance, etc, going
; out via the Frame Relay interface. Patterns are prefixed with "_", which
; is ignored.
+; We start with what to do when a call first comes in.
+exten=s,1,Wait,1 ; Wait a second, just for fun
+exten=s,2,Answer ; Answer the line
+exten=s,3,DigitTimeout,5 ; Set Digit Timeout to 5 seconds
+exten=s,4,ResponseTimeout,10 ; Set Response Timeout to 10 seconds
+exten=s,5,BackGround,demo-congrats ; Play a congratulatory message
+exten=s,6,BackGround,demo-instruct ; Play some instructions
+exten=2,1,BackGround,demo-moreinfo ; Give some more information.
+; We also create an example user, 1234, who is on the console and has
+; voicemail, etc.
+exten=1234,1,Playback,transfer ; "Please hold while..."
+exten=1234,2,Dial,Console/dsp|10 ; Ring the console, 10 secs max
+exten=1234,3,Playback,vm/1234/unavail ; "I'm not here right now"
+exten=1234,4,Voicemail,1234 ; Send to voicemail...
+exten=1234,5,Goto,s|6 ; Start over
+exten=1234,103,Playback,vm/4200/busy ; (2 + 101) "I'm on the phone"
+exten=1234,104,Goto,4 ; Go to voicemail, etc.
+exten=1235,1,Goto,1234|3 ; Right to voicemail
+exten=1236,1,Dial,Console/dsp ; Ring forever
+exten=1236,2,Goto,1234|103 ; Unless busy
+; # for when they're done with the demo
+exten=#,1,Playback,demo-thanks ; "Thanks for trying the demo"
+exten=#,2,Hangup ; Hang them up.
+; A timeout and "invalid extension rule"
+exten=t,1,Playback,Goto,#|1 ; If they take too long, give up
+exten=i,1,Playback,invalid ; "That's not valid, try again"
+; Create an extension, 500, for dialing the
+; Asterisk demo.
+exten=500,1,Playback,demo-abouttotry ; Let them know what's going on
+exten=500,2,Dial,IAX/asterisk@demo ; Call the Asterisk demo
+exten=500,3,Playback,demo-nogo ; Couldn't connect to the demo site
+exten=500,4,Goto,s|6 ; Return to the start over message.
+; Create an extension, 600, for evaulating echo latency.
+exten=600,1,Playback,demo-echotest ; Let them know what's going on
+exten=600,2,Echo ; Do the echo test
+exten=600,3,Playback,demo-echodone ; Let them know it's over
+exten=600,4,Goto,s|6 ; Start over
+; Give voicemail at extension 8500
+; Here's what a phone entry would look like (IXJ for example)
+; This is a more complicated sample extension configuration, similar to
+; what we use at LSS.
; Here's the template for a typical extension, carefully broken apart
; for analysis. The others are pretty much the same, but not as well
; documented.
; Step 1: Play back a "Please hold while I try that extension" message
; Step 2: Dial the numbers where Ben is likely to be. Try for no more
; than 15 seconds.
; Step 3: If there is no answer, play back a message stating that Ben is
; unavailable. Alternatively, we could have rung an operator first.
; Step 4: Send them to voicemail.
; Step 5: If they return from voicemail, go back to the top
; Step 103: If the Dialing is busy, it will try here first. We'll play a
; special "I'm busy" message...
; Step 104: And then continue as if it had been busy in the first place.
; Exten. 4301: Provide a short-circuit so we can transfer striaght to
; voicemail.
; Exten. 4302: Provide a way to ring a given phone indefinitely
; Timeout stuff... We could send to an operator, or just ditch them.