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@@ -168,6 +168,26 @@ type=bridge
; larger amounts of delay into the bridge. Valid values here are 10, 20, 40,
; or 80. By default 20ms is used.
+;video_mode = follow_talker ; Sets how confbridge handles video distribution to the conference participants.
+ ; Note that participants wanting to view and be the source of a video feed
+ ; _MUST_ be sharing the same video codec.
+ ; --- MODES ---
+ ; none: No video sources are set by default in the conference. It is still
+ ; possible for a user to be set as a video source via AMI or DTMF action
+ ; at any time.
+ ;
+ ; follow_talker: The video feed will follow whoever is talking and providing video.
+ ;
+ ; last_marked: The last marked user to join the conference with video capabilities
+ ; will be the single source of video distributed to all participants.
+ ; If multiple marked users are capable of video, the last one to join
+ ; is always the source, when that user leaves it goes to the one who
+ ; joined before them.
+ ;
+ ; first_marked: The first marked user to join the conference with video capabilities
+ ; is the single source of video distribution among all participants. If
+ ; that user leaves, the marked user to join after them becomes the source.
; All sounds in the conference are customizable using the bridge profile options below.
; Simply state the option followed by the filename or full path of the filename after
; the option. Example: sound_had_joined=conf-hasjoin This will play the conf-hasjoin
@@ -264,6 +284,8 @@ type=bridge
; admin_toggle_conference_lock ; This action allows an Admin to toggle locking and
; unlocking the conference. Non admins can not use
; this action even if it is in their menu.
+; set_as_single_video_src ; This action allows any user to set themselves as the
+ ; single video source distributed to all participants.