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@@ -581,13 +581,28 @@ callwaiting=yes
; Allow incoming ISDN call waiting calls.
; A call waiting call is a SETUP message with no B channel selected.
; Configure the ISDN span to indicate MWI for the list of mailboxes.
; You can give a comma separated list of up to 8 mailboxes per span.
; An empty list disables MWI.
; The default is an empty list.
+; Configure the ISDN span voicemail numbers for MWI mailboxes. What number
+; to call for a user to retrieve voicemail messages.
+; You can give a comma separated list of numbers. The position of the number
+; corresponds to the position in mwi_mailboxes. If a position is empty then
+; the last number is reused.
+; For example:
+; mwi_vm_numbers=700,,800,,900
+; is equivalent to:
+; mwi_vm_numbers=700,700,800,800,900
+; The default is no number.
; Whether or not restrict outgoing caller ID (will be sent as ANI only, not
; available for the user)
; Mostly use with FXS ports