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Also note that this issue is separate from the clocking of TDM
channels, and is known to at least affect SIP registrations.
+ Depending on the size of your system and your configuration,
+Asterisk can consume a large number of file descriptors. In UNIX,
+file descriptors are used for more than just files on disk. File
+descriptors are also used for handling network communication
+(e.g. SIP, IAX2, or H.323 calls) and hardware access (e.g. analog and
+digital trunk hardware). Asterisk accesses many on-disk files for
+everything from configuration information to voicemail storage.
+ Most systems limit the number of file descriptors that Asterisk can
+have open at one time. This can limit the number of simultaneous
+calls that your system can handle. For example, if the limit is set
+at 1024 (a common default value) Asterisk can handle approxiately 150
+SIP calls simultaneously. To change the number of file descriptors
+follow the instructions for your system below:
+== PAM-based Linux System ==
+ If your system uses PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) edit
+/etc/security/limits.conf. Add these lines to the bottom of the file:
+root soft nofile 4096
+root hard nofile 8196
+asterisk soft nofile 4096
+asterisk hard nofile 8196
+(adjust the numbers to taste). You may need to reboot the system for
+these changes to take effect.
+== Generic UNIX System ==
+ If there are no instructions specifically adapted to your system
+above you can try adding the command "ulimit -n 8192" to the script
+that starts Asterisk.
See the doc directory for more documentation.