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Make the new behavior where the timestamp is checked on the call file before
deleting it optional, defaulting to the old behavior, where it is always deleted (issue #6750, jcollie) git-svn-id: http://svn.digium.com/svn/asterisk/trunk@28832 f38db490-d61c-443f-a65b-d21fe96a405b
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#Account: mysuperfunaccountcode
+# Normally, a call file is always deleted after the call is successful
+# or the maximum number of tries is reached even if the modification
+# time of the call file was changed during the call to be in the
+# future. By Setting AlwaysDelete to No the modification time of the
+# call file will be checked after the call is completed or the maximum
+# number of retries is reached. If the modification time is in the
+# future, the call file will not be deleted.
+#AlwaysDelete: Yes
# You can set channel variables that will be passed to the channel.
# This includes writable dialplan functions. To set a writable dialplan
# function, the module containing this function *must* be loaded.