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Timeout values are in seconds (issue #7122 reported by jmls)
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diff --git a/funcs/func_timeout.c b/funcs/func_timeout.c
index b88ae078f..992057da8 100644
--- a/funcs/func_timeout.c
+++ b/funcs/func_timeout.c
@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ static int timeout_write(struct ast_channel *chan, char *cmd, char *data,
static struct ast_custom_function timeout_function = {
.name = "TIMEOUT",
- .synopsis = "Gets or sets timeouts on the channel.",
+ .synopsis = "Gets or sets timeouts on the channel. Timeout values are in seconds.",
.syntax = "TIMEOUT(timeouttype)",
.desc =
"Gets or sets various channel timeouts. The timeouts that can be\n"